Top Rated Best Wireless Headphones Reviews

Wireless headphones have always been criticized by the “highly-educated” audiophiles. And rightly so in most cases, considering how they do come up short considering wired headphones around the same price range.

But well, they have their own set of superpowers, don’t they? So here’s a list of the top 5 best wireless headphones, and by best, we literally mean the term!

1. Master & Dynamic MW60

It literally is one of the best, and arguably the best wireless headphone that there is, as far as middle-class pockets go. (Obviously, things are different if you’re a millionaire!)

As soon as you hold the MW60 in your hands, the fine leather and metal build will win you over. You should notice considerable difference if compared to the MW40, with most of the “shiny and gold”, visually attractive features ditched

It’s clear the M&D MW60 is focusing on performance, and performance alone.

It’s basically available in two colors, that’s black and gunmetal, or the traditional brown and silver that’s the Master and Dynamic trademark. Although that metal builds somewhat weighs down the piece to around 340 grams.

The bass on the headphones is literally one of the best basses I’ve ever lent my ears to, without being too boomy, it conveys what it needs to.

The sound is smooth as well as crispy, and at this price, we couldn’t ask for more.

2.   Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless

Playing close to the M&D MW60’s build quality, the P5 too is made out of metal and leather. The cups are attached via magnet and are removable just in case needs arise, along with a removable audio cable as well.

It’s not bringing in anything “new” to the table so let’s just be honest about that, the design, build quality and everything has already been done by one or other brand.

It features small buttons built into the right earcups, for adjusting the volume and answering calls. Even though their size could be improved, they do their job well, so no complains there.

As far as sound goes, if you’re willing to slightly compensate on the Bass, you’d fall in love with the clarity and straight sound that the P5 delivers.

There’s just an ultra level of clarity and distinctness, every note and pitch is well delivered. And even though it’s a Bluetooth headphone, it outperforms most others out there in the same league by using the APTx codec when available.

Infact, they reduced their pricing from $400 to a much lower pricing of around $250-300 which makes it much more affordable, so even though we were a bit sceptical earlier, the price-deduction clears all air.

3.   Bose QC 35

No one dethrones the Bose when it comes audio quality. Even though they’re placed at #3 on this list, it doesn’t mean they’re the “third best”, it’s just because it was the third headphone we tried for this review.

Let us just make it clear that the Bose QC 35 is by far our most favorite, and in our personal viewpoint the best wireless headphone that there is.

The Bose primarily made a name for themselves in the noise-canceling industry, but no one beats their sound-quality or other aspects either.

The Bose QC 35’s primary weapon in the arsenal is its noise-cancellation technology. It literally deafens you to any other outside noise that there is. Apart from that, the sound quality is so damn good that every single beat jumps out of the cans.

You can literally “Feel” the sound with this one.

As far as comfort or build materials go, you can literally wear it for hours without having to worry about any kind of weight-issues. With soft cushions around the earcups and the headband, it gets you pampered.

4.   Beats Solo 3

Does Beats even need an introduction when it comes to headphones?

Built out of plastic for the headbands, and soft cushion for the earpads they might not look and feel like the most reliable wireless headphones, but trust us, they do fall in the league.

Obviously, they could use a better, more reliable material for the product, but apart from that, the sound quality, noise-cancellation, and comfort are all record setters.

It features simple buttons for volume control and changing tracks on the left earcup. Simple and easy.

What’s more is its “Fast-fuel” technology. It’s basically like a superfast charging thing, which lets you get a playback of over 3 hours, by charging the Beats Solo 3 for 5 minutes! If this doesn’t deserve to be contested as one of the best Wireless headphones, I don’t know what does.

As far as the sound goes, I’m sure the reputation speaks for itself. It’s just the right mix of music, beat and noise-cancellation.

And it takes you to a completely different level when paired with an iPhone! (As the packaging mentions as well).

The only downside? If you’re much of an acoustic listener, it might not be the “best” choice, it obviously will please you in that case as well, but it’s just that there are better choices for the acoustic thing.

5.   BeoPLay H7

B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H7 Wireless Over-Ear Headphone
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The last contenders in this race of the best Wireless headphones are the BeoPlay H7, with a frequency range of 20-20,000Hz, and a battery life of around 20 hours which is more than impressive.

It can be paired up with aptX low latency and Bluetooth 4.2 which isn’t much of a ground-breaker here.

It’s built with memory foam covered in lambskin leather, which is one of the most premium leather available in the industry, simply because of its ability to stay cool for a longer duration of time.

They primarily are made out of Aluminium, which provides for great durability without increasing the weigh too much and limiting it to just 9.9oz.

The controls are touch-enabled so no pressing of hard keys there.

The sound quality is of the next-level, especially if you’re a gamer you’re going to take off your headphones quite a few times just to confirm the enemies aren’t in your room (no kidding). Although the primary purpose of the H7 is to deliver great music and ambiance, and “NOT” a gaming experience.

Final Words:

Finally, all I can say is, go with the Bose QC 35 if you need a quick answer to the “Best wireless headphones?” question.

And if you’re skeptical, give this piece a thorough read and in couple minutes you should have your match.

Do let me know your experience on this piece, and the winner which you think deserves the crown for the best Wireless headphones!