The Best Long Throw Projectors Today In 2021 – Let’s Find Out More About It’s Features

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You might be out there in the market, looking for one.

You need to learn about the pros and cons before buying the one that is right for you.

The Best Long Throw Projectors Today In 2020

You must have heard of long throw projectors?

This feature is a deciding factor when you are out in the market looking for one.

There are various scientific reasons behind this projector. The all-important ‘throw ratio’ is a determining factor.

The mechanical definition of ‘throw ratio’ is stated here.

It is ‘the relation between the distance of the projector to the screen and the horizontal size or dimensions of the image the projector creates.’ Sounds confusing?

Let us define it in a simpler manner. Basically, the throw ratio is far higher for these projectors today.

You can place a long throw projector at a distance away from the screen, yet receive a crisp image.

You can use them in large auditoriums and spaces with a lot of ease.

So, you can justify the name as well.

Pros of Long Throw Projectors

There are many different long throw projectors in the market.

You already know about the main advantage.

Moreover, the long throw projectors today can project images over huge spaces and distances.

That is very evident from the name.

This is an excellent choice if you do not have the space to place the projector near the screen or just opposite it.

Moreover, you can also use this projector on uneven surfaces and also outdoors. The images will be less distorted and bad.

The best part is that the long throw projector does not convert an image geometrically.

They are lower priced in comparison to short throw projectors.

However, like every object, there are a few downsides as well.

Cons of Long Throw Projectors

You will be annoyed by the shadows of people that come in between.

This is something that you have to admit if you have bought one.

Thus, there is no other way to find out an alternative.

The rays travel through longer distances in the case of long throw projectors.

There are also prone to stronger glare, than you would have imagined. This is due to the angling of the projector.

There is very less that you can do here.

Before moving on, you need to understand a few things from a scientific viewpoint.

Well, you may not think that is necessary, but nevertheless, you will have a fair idea after reading it.

You will be able to come to a decision after you read the specifications.

You can now understand about the pros and the cons of this type of projector.

They are doing pretty well in the market. The costs have also lessened for certain models.

That is good news all the more. Buy them and check them out.

What exactly is ‘Throw?’

The first thing that the sales guy asks you is, whether you want to buy a short throw or a long throw projector.

It is sensible. However, you need to read on to more about it.

We would like to give the example of the model BenQ HT1085ST. 

Do you know, what ‘ST’ means? It means Short throw. You can easily differentiate between the two types, now.

The Long Throw lens is cheaper to make.

Apart from that, long throw models require about 5-6 feet or more space in between the projector and wall or screen.

If you are a business presenter or used to giving presentations in large halls, they are good for you.

How does Long Throw Projectors work?

We will explain through a few examples here.

This is important, as you will be coming across various models once you land up at any brick and mortar store.

There are a few Long Throw Projectors in the market, that are doing great business.

The JVC 4K projector is one of them.

The projector comes with excellent 4K, HDR images and is quiet. You will not be disturbed, while it operates.

This is basically an ultra-long throw projector.

You will have the experience of a lifetime, if you watch the cinema through it, today.

The projector offers a multiplex-like experience.

You will get the best color accuracy, and contrast levels are high.

Now, devices that produce the best quality are surely more expensive than the others.

The same thing goes for the JVC Projector as well. If you are looking for the ultimate cinema experience, this is the best for you.

Similarly, another long throw projector that is doing brisk business in the market, is the Epson Home Cinema 3800.

You will get the best color accuracy, with this product.

Finally, black appears black and white appears white.

Moreover, the images appear crystal clear without any rugged edges. If you are looking for the best home theatre experience, then this is it.

You can also use this in the day time. The best part, it is affordable.

The colors are brilliantly portrayed onscreen, and it works on Bluetooth.

There is no noise, apart from the sounds that you want to hear.

Now, a lot depends on the configuration of your room.

You have to find out all of these, when you are out there offline or online, looking for the best projectors.

Moreover, there are normal long throw projectors and Ultra Long Throw Projectors.

Nowadays, a flattering TV screen is what most people look for.

You are eager to welcome guests into the first room of the house, i.e., the living room.

And, what do they see? A giant screen projecting the Marvel series and that is wonderful.

Imagine, the impression they will have of you. Now one can beat the 4K video quality.

The idea of long cables that come with normal front video projectors is not welcome today.

You have to get adventurous. And, what better way than buying a long throw video projector.

What are the pros of Long Throw Projectors?

There are various benefits that you can get from long throw projectors.

You can set them up pretty easily and on your own.

That is an advantage that makes buying them comfortable.

You will get the best brightness levels.

The great image quality is a good factor. Moreover, they make lesser amount of noise than short throw projectors.

They are cheaply built, so you can expect the manufacturers to pass on the discounts to consumers as well.

Long Throw projectors have tremendously high lumens. It can be as high as 6000 lumens.

Moreover, they are portable. If you are planning to host a cinema or a movie show in your backyard, you can do it, with luck on your side.

You can make the best of it. They are doing great business in the market today. And for a good reason.

What are the best brands offering the best long throw projectors?

One of the top grossers in this genre is Epson. They have been doing well in the market and for good reason.

You will the biggest screen experience ever, with Epson long throw projectors.

From business presentations to outdoor events, this is the best ever.

You can capture everyone’s attention with the best long throw projectors now.

You stand to get the brightest lighting under any condition whatsoever.

Moreover, it has a longevity outshines most other projectors in the market.

They can go on and on for about 15 years or so. You can carry it easily from one place to another and set it up quickly.

The various models that come from the brand are doing well in the market. You even stand to get a transport case for better usage.

Epson is a market leader in projectors and doing really well in the market today.

Image qualities are very good and outstanding. So, you can blindly buy one today.

Apart from Epson, Optoma is another great brand.

If you are looking for conferences at the church or looking to give a large presentation at a big classroom.

This is the best brand to go for. It works at 4200 lumens and is an easy device to work with.

It is the brighter of the lot and can project sharp images in daylight as well.

Moreover, you get great image quality, and clear images. You can even project on a naked white wall and get lifelike images.

This is so good. So, you will not complain anymore. The projector is the perfect one for business use.

If you are looking to use projectors for larger venues, then this is it.

View sonic is another projector, that is worth investing in. It is a 1080p functioning long throw projector.

It is good with the brightness part and also offers world class entertainment. It works at 3500 lumens.  

You can use this projector during the night as well as the day. You can surely use this as a great projector for night time.

Moreover, the image quality is superior to anything you have seeing in a while.  

You will get the crisp and sharpest images that you so longed for. The color accuracy is above average.

You can also look forward to the 3D content handling feature. However, to utilize this feature fully, you have to wear 3D glasses.

If you are looking for a projector, to practice gaming, then this is the one for you.

The projector has a fast refresh rate and is good for all the work.

Moreover, other features associated with gaming. You will not face any ghosting and screen tearing issues.

You will also get a good in-built feature with this projector. It is good enough for games and plays.

You can go for this, if you intend to watch world-class cinema on large screens.

Moreover, you need external speakers for this. The device does become hot.

It can be mainly attributed to the bright lamp, that comes with it.

So, if you are looking for a home theatre and gaming experience, then this projector is nothing like it. Get the best at this price point.

What are Lumens and how to utilize the lumen guide to buy a good projector?

Lumens are really important. So, you need to understand what they actually are before venturing out to buy a good quality projector.

Lumens is the final measurement of brightness of a projector.

There are a few important light sources in a projector.

They are the laser, LED, the lamp. Today, these Laser projectors generally have more than 3500 lumens.

LED projectors offer a greater image perception by the naked eye, with lumens measuring somewhere around 2000 lumens.

Moreover, LED projectors improve color saturation. The efficiency is connected as well.

They allow you have a higher brightness level.

When you are out, shopping for a suitable projector, you need to take care of this.

Now, if you think that getting a high lumen device is sufficient for you, then think again.

You also need to look for a better picture quality. There are many other factors out there that govern the projector’s brightness.

The major factors that also impact the brightness are:

  • The lighting
  • The Screen size

You have to discuss the lighting conditions, as it can otherwise ruin the image quality.

It is the light that is present on the scene, before you make any changes.

The light coming inside the room through the windows is what we are talking about here.

If you are operating in spaces that already has lots of light, need higher brightness.

The ideal lumen range for this purpose is between 2000- 4000 lumens.

Moreover, if the screen size is larger, you need higher brightness. So, that the device can deliver the best quality images.

Now, it is inter-changeable. You should know that.

If you are operating in the home environment, then you need to work with a lumen range under 3000 ANSI lumens.

You can project a fair enough image with this. The ones with higher lumens do cost more, but that is understandable.

They are less affected by the light, that is already present in the surroundings.

Now, you can fairly understand how lumens work with respect to projectors.

With lumens under 3000 ANSI lumens you can easily project a screen of 80” plus. There are people who look for such imagery.

In fact, they are actually looking for better colour performance.

However, you need to control the ambient lighting of the space. That is very important, while working with these projectors.

You cannot compromise on this aspect.

Now, there are projectors which we have already discussed about here.

You can go for lumens that is greater than 3000 ANSI lumens.

You are far less dependent on the ambient lighting in this case.

Finding out the purpose of the projector is really important here.

If you plan to hold meetings in small rooms, then a lumen of 3000-3999 ANSI Lumens is enough and practical.

If you are giving presentations to a large group of people, then you must look for lumens of 4000-4999 ANSI lumens.

You can easily deliver images of 80” plus sizes. The images are of superior quality.

So, the user does not have to think much about ambient light.

Talking about huge auditoriums, you cannot do with lumens of less than 5000 ANSI lumens.

You can project 100“plus picture sizes. You can work in all kinds of spaces, like large auditoriums and open banquet halls.

You can work in high ambient light areas, with a projector of high lumens.

You must read about the various features and qualities of projectors, in order to purchase the right one.

What is the 4K feature, that most buyers look for in Long Throw Projectors?

You need to know about the 4K projector technology today. It is a new standard in digital projection.

You have lots to speak about, to a room, full of audience.

However, you are not able to deliver a good quality image on the screen in front of you.

So, everything that you prepared goes to waste. Now, this 4K technology has come to your assistance.

You stand to get the highest resolution with this technology.

The resolution is 2 times greater than the old 2K technology.

You may be screening some powerful movies, or showing sales data to an audience who is interested in increasing their in-house sales.

You will benefit to a large extent with this technology. For many years now, 4K projectors are selling at high rates.

So, people are not able to purchase them, even if they know about the technology.

However, with changing times, cheaper versions are out in the market. The reason is very simple; people are looking for these 4K devices.

So, you need to meet the demand in the market.

Ever since, the 4K television sets hit the market, the world is going mad about this technology.

Now, home theater fans are looking for 4K resolution elsewhere. You can now put those massive pixels to good use.

4K screen resolutions deliver nothing but the best.

You can see each pixel of the images that come up onscreen. That is the advantage.

So, how do you think brands are coming up with cheaper versions of 4K.

They use the lower-resolution image chips and some additional features as well. They are playing a trick to create 4K onscreen.

So, they are out playing some games. The Epson 4K technology for example shifts the pixels diagonally by 0.5 pixels.

So, ultimately they end up doubling the 1080p resolution to 4 million pixels.

A few of the fast-selling brands in the market have been doing this for quite a few years now.

They are masters in this technology now. Otherwise, how do you think you will manage to get such technology at rock bottom prices.

We will explain this with an example. You must have seen projectors playing the game onscreen.

Today, Epson uses 3 different types of 1,920×1,080 LCD chips.

They are doing it quickly, so to the eye, it is just a higher-resolution image. They are calling this technology by fancy names.

However, they’re also open in their marketing strategy.

The projectors have a native resolution of 1,920×1,080, with the reading ‘4K Enhancement Technology’

Most of the famed long throw projectors from JVC also do the same thing. They have brought about these changes through mirrors.

They are all using digital light projection technology to get 4K effects.

The DLP chip is fitted with discrete pixels that are bringing about the change.

So, if you combine two chips, you get more than 8.3 million pixels on screen.

So, as long as you are getting the results of the actual 4k, why sulk or even complain.

Apart from the 4K factor, there are numerous other factors that govern the technology today.

You should calculate the other aspects of the projectors before spending on one hefty purchase.

Is a higher contrast ration needed in projectors today?

You must have seen this specification, when buying or weighing the pros and cons of projectors.

More and more people are vying for a high-contrast projector today. And why not, it is one of the trending features today.

Buyers actually cannot find out the reality before they have bought the projector from the market.

This is an important term, that you would encounter today.

You can find more about this today. This contrast ratio is the one to be tallied now.

The two most common methods are:

  • Full On/ Off
  • ANSI Contrast

You can easily manipulate the first feature.

However, the second feature is a complicated one, and you may not be able to manipulate it.

You must be wondering, what these terms actually mean.

Full On/ Off Contrast is a measurement of the ratio of the brightness of the whites against the blacks.

If you get a total contrast ratio, of 10,000:1, then that indicates the meter.

The contrast method, does not use similar things. It actually uses the imagery of a checker board.

The ratio of the white to the black is the ANSI ratio.

What is HDR and how are long throw projectors associated with it?

More and more TV sets are getting this demanding feature today. HDR is making all the top news all around the world.

The monitors are also not far behind. So, what is this noise all about? You must be wondering?

Why is everyone talking about this HDR today? More and more visual equipments are getting the HDR tag now.

That does not mean that they are using the same technology?

Do they? The way projectors generate the image is comparable to the projections in cinema theatres.

The basic concept that governs the cinema screens and the projectors are more or less similar.

So, consumers like you are aplenty and they are all confused about this HDR feature.

High Dynamic Range or HDR is the most talked about feature and technology today.

And why not? It has all the reason to be. The pictures that come up on screen are of higher dynamic range.

So, what you get is a clearer image, with color rendering at its best.

Now, the qualities that define brightness are a little different for TV sets and projectors.

It varies according to several factors like the projection distance, size and the environment.

The screen on which you are projecting the image is also useful.

So, with the same HDR, the brightness that you see on the screen and that you see on the projector image is different.

Projectors has a unique set of measure, that governs this function. The technology is much different for LCDs.

The brightness of the projectors, as you already know by now depends on a variety of factors.

TVs light the project in a manner that is different from projectors.

Though both are using the same technology, however the ultimate pattern and motive is a bit different.

You need to know a little bit about HDR.

It is made up of two parts. You must have come across these features previously, but as a layman.

So, the two components are: High Dynamic Range and Wide Color Gamut.

HDR or High Dynamic Range points towards brighter lights and darkness.

They help in projecting detailing in the images in a better manner.

JDR is also higher in functionality than SDR or Standard Definition Range.

They can project colors which are closer to the colors that the naked eye can perceive.

Dynamic Iris is another variation of this technology. It allows projectors to control the amount of light, that enters through the projecting lens.

It can lessen the quantity of light that passes through. The dark areas thus appear darker and not greyish.

Manufacturers who are engaged in making projectors can now decide upon the 0-1000nits variation and the corresponding color gradations.

It depends on the capabilities of the projector. If you are projecting HDR with projectors, the Dynamic Iris features allows the user to better control the brightness.

What is 3D content handling in Long throw projectors?

This may sound too hard for a layman. 3D has revolutionized the cinema viewing experience.

3D has entered the movies in a huge manner, after the release of movies like Avatar and others.

Now, every week there is a new 3D movie hitting the multiplexes. So, many of you may have already encountered this technology.

You must have been handed 3D glasses once while entering the hall. Now, the future of 3D is at home and the business arena as well.

The new age is making things more exciting that before. So, you have to be prepared for the best today.

3D movies actually bring you near to reality. LG changed the entire scene with the revolutionary LG CF3D in 2010.

It was the first one from the stable, with 1080p. Now, with the advent of this technology more and more people are coming forth with 3D projectors.

In fact, it is a top feature of the projector from View Sonic.

In order, to see the 3D, the image is supposed to be delivered to each eye. You can achieve this through special glasses.  

The two similar objects viewed through each eye, gives the illusion of depth.

These glasses and Anaglyph images are easiest way to get to experience 3D.

These glasses, filter the image that is composed of identical color layers.

Many of the 3D experiences that you see onscreen are delivered through polarizing function.

They actually send the lights through filters and force the light waves to oscillate in different directions.

One is for the left and other is for the right eye. This is how, the eyes see two images and that creates a sense of depth.

The brain combines the images seen through both eyes and shows them as 3D.

Thus, you can say that it is a trick of sorts that is being played on the eyes and the mind.

This is trending today and can do more than the requisite amount of work today. You can surely select on the basis of this technology.

So, now that you know about the various features of the long throw projector, you can easily buy one.

Browse through the multiple collections often and offline and decide which one is the best for you. It is pretty simple.

You can differentiate between the best projectors around and not get misled by the sales guy at the store.

The technologies that most importantly govern today’s projectors for the outer area are 4K, 3D, HDR, contrast and lumens quality to name a few.

So, equipped with this knowledge anyone can now select the best projector that suits his working conditions, demands and pricing factors.

This is the best that you can do for the unsuspecting buyers today.

They will surely thank you for the knowledge and the expertise.

Long Throw Projectors can be bought in the market, after going through the features closely.

The qualities that’s et it above the rest is out now. You must be able to find out more about advancing technologies.

You Can Find Top 10 Best Long Through Projectors To Buy From Amazon

Optoma X412 XGA DLP Professional Projector | High Bright 4200 Lumens | Business Presentations, Classrooms, and Meeting Rooms | 15,000 Hour Lamp Life | Speaker Built in

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  • High brightness: enjoy an incredible 4, 200 Lumens of brightness in well lit meeting rooms, conference rooms, training rooms, classrooms and more
  • Easy image set-up: a 1. 1x zoom enables flexible placement in any environment with a throw Ratio 1. 942. 16: 1. Vertical keystone correction +/- 40 degrees allows the x412 to be off-center without being elevated, resulting in an easy, more flexible projection set-up
  • Integrated speaker: a 10-watt built-in speaker enhances presentations with sound and simplifies the set-up without the need for external speakers; loud enough for small-to-medium classrooms and meeting rooms
  • Extensive connectivity options: The x412 features an array of connectivity options including 2x HDMI, VGA in & out, audio-in & out, RS232, and USB-A
  • Long lamp life: with a Lamp Life of up to 15, 000 hours, get extended viewing time with lower cost of ownership – an average of 5 hours of viewing time every day for 8+ years

ViewSonic PX727HD 1080p Projector with RGBRGB 100% Rec 709, ISF Certified, Sports Mode and Low Input Lag for Home Theater and Gaming

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  • SUPERSIZED MOVIES AND GAMES: Immersive theater-like experience in Full HD (1920x1080p) on a screen up to 300-inches in 2000 Lumens
  • CINEMATIC COLORS: Featuring an RGBRGB color wheel with 100% Rec. 709 color accuracy
  • ISF-CERTIFIED: Calibrated color for a true cinema experience around the clock – day or night
  • REDUCED INPUT LATENCY: Ideal for intense action-packed gaming and sports, this projector delivers smooth images without delay
  • LONG LAMP LIFE: Enjoy up to 20,000 hours of usage time – an average of 5 hours a day for more than 10 years

ViewSonic PS600W 3500 Lumens WXGA HDMI Networkable Short Throw Projector for Home and Office

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  • VERSATILE PROJECTOR: Advanced visual features ideal for use in education and corporate environments
  • BIG SCREEN PROJECTION: Project 120 inches from 4-feet 1-inches in 3500 lumens
  • EASY SETUP: Simple setup and control, just plug & play your presentations, videos, and pictures
  • LONG LAMP LIFE: SuperEco mode allows the lamp to shine bright for up to 15,000 hours
  • INDUSTRY-LEADING WARRANTY: 3-year limited parts and labor coverage, 1-year of lamp coverage, and access to our US-based customer service team.Light Source:200 watt

ViewSonic 3600 Lumens XGA High Brightness Projector Projector for Home and Office with HDMI Vertical Keystone and 1080p Support (PA503X)

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  • VERSATILE PROJECTOR: Advanced visual features ideal for use in education and small business environments
  • BIG SCREEN PROJECTION: Projects 120 inches from 13-feet 2-inches in 3800 lumens
  • EASY SETUP: Simple setup and control; just plug & play your presentations, videos, and pictures
  • LONG LAMP LIFE: Super Eco Mode allows the lamp to shine bright for up to 15, 000 hours
  • INDUSTRY-LEADING : 3-year limited parts and labor coverage, 1-year of lamp coverage, and access to our US-based customer service team.Lamp Watt: 190W

Philips NeoPix Easy+ Mini Video Projector, 80 Inch Display, Wi-Fi Screen Mirroring, Bluetooth, Built-in Media Player, HDMI, USB, microSD, 3.5mm Audio Out

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  • Vivid Display: Up to 80" display in 480p, 800x480 resolution. Focus and keystone correction.
  • Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi screen mirroring function capable of mirroring your smartphone, tablet, or laptop screen.
  • Media Player: Display videos, images and even play songs via USB or microSD. Built-in speakers for on-the-go sound.
  • Easy Connection: Connect all your compatible devices to your NeoPix projector via HDMI.

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  • Full HD (1920 x 1080) Resolution at up to 100" screen Size
  • Built in battery (up to 2.5 hours battery life)
  • LG Smart TV enabled
  • Wireless screen Share connection
  • USB Type-C connection and Bluetooth sound Out

Optoma S343 SVGA DLP Professional Projector | Bright 3600 Lumens | Business Presentations, Classrooms, or Home | 15,000 Hour lamp Life | Speaker Built in | Portable Size

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  • PICTURE QUALITY: Designed for meeting rooms, classrooms, and other small-medium sized rooms, the S343 provides vibrant and sharp, clear text and graphics enabled by its SVGA resolution (800x600) and 22, 000: 1 contrast ratio
  • HIGH-BRIGHTNESS: Enjoy an incredible 3, 600 lumens of brightness in well lit environments
  • LONG LAMP LIFE: Enjoy up to 15, 000 hours of lamp life enabling an average of 4 hours of viewing time every day for 10+ years
  • INTEGRATED SPEAKER: A 10-watt built-in speaker enhances presentations with sound and simplifies the set-up without the need for external speakers; loud enough for small-to-medium classrooms and meeting rooms
  • THROW DISTANCE: Project a 120" image from approximately 18 feet away with the S343's 1. 94 – 2. 15: 1 throw ratio

Optoma HD146X High Performance Projector for Movies & Gaming | Bright 3600 Lumens | DLP Single Chip Design | Enhanced Gaming Mode 16ms Response Time

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  • CINEMATIC PICTURE QUALITY: Enjoy crisp, high-definition images with a native 1080p (1920×1080) resolution and an RYGCWB color wheel for home cinema color calibration.
  • PERFECT IMAGE ALIGNMENT: With the latest technology from Texas Instruments, the DLP DMD single-chip design ensures perfect image alignment combined with high-brightness for an incredible picture
  • LIGHTS-ON VIEWING: Enjoy an incredible 3, 600 of brightness in any room in your home; leave the lights on or keep it dim for a cinematic experience
  • FAST RESPONSE TIME: Enhanced Gaming Mode enables lightning-fast response time; Game Display Mode boosts shadows and dark scenes for greater visibility of impending obstacles
  • HDMI-CEC FOR SIMPLE ON/OFF: HDMI-CEC technology enables control of the projector and connected devices using a single remote, all via the HDMI connection with the projectors HDMI-Link feature

ViewSonic PX800HD 1080p Projector Ultra Short Throw with RGBRGB Rec 709 100,000:1 Contrast and Low Input Latency for Home Theater and Gaming

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  • SUPERSIZED MOVIES AND GAMES: Immersive theater-accurate Rec. 709 colors in Full HD (1920x1080p) on a screen up to 150-inches in 2000 lumens
  • CINEMATIC COLORS: Featuring an RGBRGB color wheel with Rec. 709 color accuracy for lifelike colors.
  • ULTRA SHORT THROW: With a 0.23 ultra-short throw lens, this projector can be placed just inches away from a wall or screen to give you a huge image
  • REDUCED INPUT LATENCY: Ideal for intense action-packed gaming, this projector delivers smooth images without delay
  • PREMIUM AUDIO: Two built-in 10W speakers deliver room-filling audio to compliment your home theater experience

Epson 8G7263 BrightLink 685WI LCD Projector - High Definition 720P - White

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  • Bright and colorful
  • WXGA resolution
  • Interactive
  • Two interactive pens - simultaneous
  • Multi-packs projection and moderator function