The 12 Best Four Cup Coffee Makers 2021 – Review By Technology Digits

Want to have a beautiful cup of coffee in your comfort zone?

Not in a mood to order from outside?

Then, get ready to make a one-time investment to enjoy the flavour of coffee for a long time.

Coffee is the favourite drink for many. Even for some people, they act like life-saving drugs.

However, it is not always possible to have a good cup while you are doing something at your home.

So, what will you do if you need a hot cup at odd hours of the day? Well, there is nothing to worry about.

We do have a brilliant solution for all the coffee-lovers who are reading this.

Some may not prefer to spend huge amounts on just one cup of coffee.

In that case, instead of spending every time, make a one-time investment, and enjoy it for the rest of the days.

A drip coffee maker can be the best solution in this case.

Choose a product that can make 4 cups in one go.

Most of us indeed love to have a strong cup of coffee to regain your energy.

However, it is interesting to know that there are several distinct benefits to consuming coffee.

For that, it is a good idea to have a small 4-cup coffee maker near you.

A drip coffee maker can satisfy the craving of a bunch of people and reduce your efforts a lot.

Moreover, in some of the machines, you will get the timer to set the time for brewing.

Waking up with the smell of your favourite coffee brewing so beautifully will definitely turn your mood into a happy one with a big smile on your face.

What can be a better start of a lovely morning?

However, it is better to avoid bulky cone coffee makers. A small brewing machine will apt in your compact room space.

Going for an espresso-style machine can serve many more purposes than only brewing coffee like getting froth milk.

But, the bigger size will make it inconvenient to make it adjustable in your compact kitchen.

So, when you are buying a coffee-maker to serve you excellent coffee whenever you want, don’t forget to consider these additional factors.

Let us now see the varieties of models available in the market to get a comparative view.

You can check the reviews online and then select the most suitable one for your home.

01. MR. COFFEE Four Cup Switch Coffee Maker

Manufacturer: Mr. Coffee
Filter: Reusable plastic filter
What We Like: Grab-A-Cup auto pause presents the coffee without overflowing
What We Don’t Like: The brewing noise can be annoying
Customer Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The taste of the coffee will be more overwhelming when your friends are with you.

So, how about making four cups together and enjoying them at the same time?

Irrespective of whether you want to enjoy the drink alone or with your friends, you will definitely fall in love with this model of Mr. Coffee.

A Mr. Coffee 4-cup Switch Coffee Maker is a compact product that fits well easily in any corner.

Thus, you don’t have to search for an appropriate location to install the machine.

The unique feature of this coffee maker is a “Grab-A-Cup” auto-pause button.

When you don’t need a full cup, or you wish to have the coffee before the brewing is finished, the cycle will stop automatically.

Besides, the device also comes with a dual water window to prevent overflowing of coffee.

Thus, your kitchen will be absolutely needed and clean without any spill-over.

Along with the magic of coffee, people may also love to save their money.

This product assures you that it will not make a hole in your pockets.

The re-usable plastic filter of the machine will let you save a lot of money, indeed.

The easy-to-fill water reservoir makes it more accessible for the users.

In fact, there will not be any hassles while cleaning the filter basket. Just pull out the filter and start washing to remove all the stains.

The warming place comes with excellent stain-resistance property. What else do you need?

So, more or less, all the expected requirements of a good quality coffee maker will be available in one place only.

There is also the on/off light indicator for your convenience. All the smart features with the smart drip mechanism will make you taste a pleasant drink.

So, this is by far one of the best products if you want to make hot coffee by yourself at any hour.

However, the coffee delivery doesn’t happen at lightning speed, and it is a bit noisy too.

So, if you are not patient enough and want your coffee instantly, then this product might not suit you.

There is also no auto shut-off option. This implies that you have to be careful to turn off the machine on time after taking the cups out.


Manufacturer: Cuisinart
Filter: No filter
What We Like: Stainless steel carafe and automatic shut-off features will lessen your worries to a great extent
What We Don’t Like: The plastic part of the carafe is not hard enough and absence of filter
Customer Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars

Many people avoid buying coffee-makers at homes as they fear that they may end up by spilling the coffee all over the floor.

Who wants to make a mess during the brewing of coffee? So, it is a tension that stops many interested people from buying such a helpful product.

But, how about informing you about something that can solve this issue just like that?

This particular model of Cuisinart 4 cup coffee maker is the answer to all your questions.

The stainless steel carafe is the magic feature of this black model.

The machine also comes with the knuckle guard and the lovely dripless pour spout.

These features will get you a tasty cup of coffee without pouring anything here and there.

There is a brew-pause button too. It will facilitate automatic shut-off the machine if anytime you forget to turn it off.

Thus, there will no longer be a problem, and you can use it in a carefree manner.

This is a bonus point for all its users. The taste of the coffee will surely turn out to be sweeter if there is no tension involved.

Each model of this brand is an example of inventiveness that will give new surprises.

It is pretty simple to use the product and enjoy the taste of your own hands.

However, if required, you can always take the help of the instructions given in the user manual, which is supplied with the product.

There is no filter. So, if you want it, you have to buy it separately. This is one aspect that may disappoint some people.

But, the advantages of the product are more than the limitations that will force you to buy it at once.

The durable feature of the stainless steel, fast brewing of coffee, small footprint, and the auto-shutoff technique make the product a complete package for the coffee lovers.


Manufacturer: Zojirushi
Filter: Cone-type charcoal filter
What We Like: The cone basket design with the glass carafe
What We Don’t Like: There is no automatic shut off feature
Customer Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

If you do not have enough space to install additional equipment, then this model is the most suitable for you.

The space-efficient marvelous design of this coffee machine will really amaze you to a great deal.

There is a unique cone basket inside the glass carafe of the coffee maker.

If you love to have quick heating, then this product will never disappoint you.

The 650-watts of power are there to provide you excellent brewed coffee within seconds.

Also, there is a keep-warm function. This will allow you not to burn your tongue after immediately taking the hot coffee straight from the machine.

Unlike most other similar items, the coffee will not get cold if you do not remove it instantly.

So, the automatic retaining of the optimal temperature will impress a lot of people.

The position of the water tank is also appropriate. Thus, removing and refilling the filter will be a straightforward process for the user.

Another unique feature of the product is the mind blowing charcoal filter. Many of you will stare a little when we say that you can have clean coffee.

Well, there is nothing to get astonished about. It is a fact that the charcoal filter of this marvellous coffee maker supplies you absolutely pure and clean coffee that you can store for many days.

It may sound unbelievable, but it is not a false claim. You can check the reviews of the previous users for confirmation.

As some of you may be aware of the filtering property of charcoal, let us tell you that the same theory applies in this case too.

The charcoal filter removes all kinds of impurities present in the coffee and delivers a clean and tasty coffee.

Moreover, the exact flavor of the coffee beans will be an added advantage that you will cherish wholeheartedly.

However, one thing may not attract you. That is, the machine cannot shut down automatically.

Hence, if you ever forget to switch it off on time, the result can be a burnt cup of coffee.

Some may not like the innovative design of the handle.

The several 4 cup coffee maker reviews tell you that this is obviously a lovely option if you want to taste a brilliant coffee in the comfort of your home that comes with several outstanding features along with some limitations.


Manufacturer: Bonavita
Filter: cone-shaped large filter
What We Like: The automatic shut off and brew-pause feature along with stainless carafe
What We Don’t Like: Flimsy filter basket
Customer Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars

Now, make five cups of coffee at the same time with this amazing coffee brewing machine.

The Bonavita coffee maker is a fantastic combination of simplicity and different programming features that make it an extraordinary product.

This item is really a wonder in the world of coffee makers. The brewing temperature is always maintained between 195° and 205°F.

Even, you will also get a specially designed showerhead to extract the coffee in small batches.

Thus, you will get the exact flavor without any unpleasant feeling.

The coffee brewing experience will be a fun-filled one with the one-touch operation that comes with the brilliant auto shut feature.

On top of that, to enhance the flavor of the coffee, you can shift to the pre-infusion mode to degas prior to brewing.

It is worthy of mentioning here that you can safely wash the carafe lid, filter basket, and the shower head with your regular dishwasher without any tension of getting damages.

So, there will not be any problem with cleaning and washing any of the components.

Stainless steel is the guarantee card for the durability of any product.

Keeping this in mind, the makers have built the thermal carafe with stainless steel so that you don’t need to replace the machine soon.

The plastic parts are also BPA-free. So, you will get complete assurance about the harmless quality of the item.

Along with this, you also get a 2-year warranty for the product. The latest design will surely impress any customer with the double-walled tempered glass for retaining heat.

Eve, it has also got the certification from SCAA. Hence, it consists of almost all the necessary features that you will want in any coffee maker.

You can seek help from the 4 cup coffee maker reviews before making the final decision.

However, after going through the reviews, you will see that there are a few negative aspects also.

According to them, it can be challenging to pour all the liquid at one go. In fact, the filter is also too large compared to the filter basket.

This makes the device a little complicated to the user, and there are chances of accidents.

However, if you look at the overall features of the coffee maker, then you will definitely feel the urge to buy the product at once.


Manufacturer: Spectrum Brands
Filter: No permanent filter
What We Like: Faster brewing of coffee than any other model
What We Don’t Like: No pre-set timer or clock, no filter
Customer Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

If you are habituated with visiting cafeterias frequently just for one cup of delicious coffee, then this is the time to change the habit.

Now, you can get the same taste at your home only.

So, it is possible to enjoy the cafe-like taste even at odd hours of the night when you are engrossed in something and need something energetic.

This coffee maker from the house of Black+Decker is an impressive product, especially for its amazing finishing and portable design.

The speciality of the machine includes a “Keep Hot” plate, which will allow you to reheat your favourite drink whenever you want.

Moreover, you can even keep a tab on how much coffee is remaining so that you can plan accordingly.

The beautifully designed carafe comes with water markings. Thus, you will get an indication as soon as the machine runs out of coffee.

The presence of the water window is really beneficial.

It becomes useful for the people who are beginners in making coffee and do not have any idea about the required amount of every ingredient needed.

Thus, your coffee will be instantly ready just with the pressing of a push-start button.

On comparing the quality of the hot coffee with the barista one, you will see that this drink is worthy in terms of both taste and money.

Hence, the next time, anybody praises the coffee of a cafe, simply make the person a marvellous cup from your kitchen.

The experience will undoubtedly be a fantastic one that will make your moment more rejoicing. This 5-cup coffee maker, however, has two disadvantages also that can make you upset about the product.

First, there is no permanent filter that most people prefer to have, and secondly, no timer is present.

As a result, it becomes difficult to keep track of the time for how long you should keep the switch on or wait for the coffee to get ready.


Manufacturer: Mr. Coffee
Filter: N/A
What We Like: Automatic power shut-off feature
What We Don’t Like: Brewing speed is slow
Customer Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars

This model of Mr. Coffee Advanced Brew 5-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker will add some sophistication in your brewing experience.

It looks like a smaller version of the coffee machine that you observe in a coffee house.

This home-friendly compact device is certainly user-friendly equipment that will give you immense pleasure while enjoying the beautiful coffee at your personal comfort zone.

There are no complicated features involved, and thus anybody can try a hand in making a tasty cup of coffee.

The smell of steaming coffee is something that you will definitely love.

Besides, the brilliant Grab-A-Cup feature enables you to grab the cup before the brewing is complete.

Thus, you can have a mess-free counter and enjoy the drink in peace.

If you are in a hurry, you can easily get a quick cup of coffee without any time-waste.

Also, you can check the entire process of brewing through the glass window.

Thus, you can ensure that there is no overflowing. The carafe has markings on it so that you can have the perfect amount of coffee as desired.

The machine is also featured with a brew-set timer that will not let you wait for your favourite drink.

Even, you can preset the timer before waking up so that you can open your eyes with the fabulous smell of the freshly brewed coffee.

What can be more pleasant than this experience? It is quite implied now that most of the features of this marvellous model are preferable to most of the buyers.

The rich taste of the coffee will certainly take you to a new world where you can forget all your worries and fall in love with the drink in hand.

One strong cup of your desired flavor can be the reason to change your mood and gift you a lovely day ahead.

For any coffee-lover, the taste of one cup is really vital to activate every nerve of the body and let the brain to work faster.

However, if you want instant coffee, then this model can be a disappointment.

According to various 4 cup coffee maker reviews, the speed of brewing is not very fast.

Moreover, the design of the carafe can be a messy affair while pouring coffee into the mug.


Manufacturer: Elite Cuisine
Filter: reusable coffee filter
What We Like: Hot plate to keep the coffee warm for an hour
What We Don’t Like: No auto shut-off option and brews only 2 large cups
Customer Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

If the flavor is what you are more interested in, then this model of Elite Cuisine is the perfect choice for you.

Now forget about spending so much for the addition of some extra amount of cream on top of your lovely coffee.

With the help of the Elite Cuisine Maxi Matic coffee maker, you can add any ingredient of your choice to make your coffee a flavoursome one.

The aroma of the coffee will surely mesmerise you, where you also get the opportunity to enjoy some extra flavors of syrups or cream.

You can have it in a more sugary way if that is your choice.

The capacity of brewing coffee in 4 cups is the standard capacity that anyone will require in the morning.

Moreover, your coffee will be ready within a few minutes.

The machine also comes with a Pause & Serve button. This lets you serve the coffee in the current temperature in which you want to have it before the brewing is over.

This is one of the most basic models of the various coffee makers that are available in the market today.

It delivers you completely fresh, tasty, and delightful coffee with exceptionally good flavors.

The carafe has a hot plate that keeps your coffee warm for almost an hour.

Thus, if you are reading a book or newspaper along with enjoying the coffee, there is no tension of getting the coffee cold after a few minutes.

This fantastic feature is the primary reason that makes it a customer-favourite item.

You can easily remove the filter basket for cleaning purposes.

However, you have to a bit careful while hand-washing or washing with a dishwasher, as the filter, is reusable that comes with a mesh.

Along with all these benefits, one adverse point is also there that disappoints you.

There is no option of automatic power off. So, you cannot be fully tension-free when you are turning the machine on.

You have to keep an eye always so that you can stop the machine on time.

Another feature is that you cannot get more than 2 large cups of coffee at one go.

So, if you need more on any occasion, then you have to depend on the cafe only.


Manufacturer: Mr. Coffee
Filter: cone-shaped filter
What We Like: Grab-A-Cup button and dual water window
What We Don’t Like: small cups, dripping occurs while pouring coffee
Customer Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

The Mr. Coffee Simple Brew Coffee Maker presents itself in a whole new attire with some fancy features to attract you.

The technique of brewing coffee in this machine is undoubtedly very simple.

You yourself can see how effectively and quickly the machine authentically delivers your favourite drink.

Moreover, if you are a beginner, then nothing can be better than this to start your brewing experience.

There is also a hot plate that makes your experience an incredible one.

It has got stain-resistant warming capabilities so that you can reheat the coffee every time you take it.

Thus, there is no need to throw away the precious coffee in the event of getting a fresh batch.

The carafe is composed of materials of excellent quality, which ensures lovely health without causing any harm.

These features are responsible for delivering fresh coffee that will remain the same and drinkable even after the expiry of considerable time.

You can also take advantage of the Grab-A-Cup auto-pause option so that you can get hold of a hot cup before the brewing process is over.

After discussing so many beneficial features, you are likely to get totally impressed with the quality of the product.

The dual-window will allow you to keep a watch over the entire brewing process.

Thus, you can easily keep track of how much coffee is left in the container and when you need to refill it to quench your thirst.

Moreover, so many things in one machine and that too within your budget make it all the more appealing.

But, before buying it, you need to know some negative points as well. The machine comes with very small cup sizes.

So, your requirement for the coffee may not get fulfilled completely.

On top of that, you must pay extra attention while you are using a dishwasher to clean the various components of the machine.

Sometimes, when you are pouring the coffee from the carafe into your cup, dripping can take place.

As a result, your counter can become messy with spill-over all around.

Hence, your cleaning efforts will double up due to this event. This may stop many people from using the machine frequently.

Otherwise, the overall experience can be a lovely one that will let you enjoy a cup of delicious hot coffee with a few of your friends or family.


Manufacturer: Hamilton
Filter: cone-shaped filter
What We Like: A single button is used for all functions, that makes it less cumbersome
What We Don’t Like: No auto-shutoff feature
Customer Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

If you want to own a smart coffee maker that is small enough to fit in any corner of the kitchen, then this is the best option.

You can carry it with you as well. Moreover, it is compatible with most smart devices like Alexa, Google Home, and Siri, to name a few.

The voice control enables you to have total control over the coffee maker, without touching it.

The smart plug is sold separately in the market.

The coffee maker also comes with an automatic pause and serve a function, that enables you to pour the first cup of coffee, even before the entire brew is ready.

The coffee maker also comes equipped with a non-stick hot plate that is very easy to clean.

To make your coffee, just pour in the water in the reservoir and put coffee grounds in the filter basket.

Now, you can make the best brew and have it. The flavorful coffee can give you a good morning to begin the day with.

Make five cups of tasty coffee instantly.

The other functionalities, like the easy-fill reservoir and the swing-away filter basket is just right today.

Moreover, you can now wash the carafe in the dishwasher. This 5-cup coffee maker has instantly made numerous fans in the market.

Another thing worth mentioning is the availability of two carafes – glass and stainless steel.

Unlike most other brands in the market, this one delivers what it promises. A cup of coffee comes somewhere around 6 oz. or 8 oz.

So you get a total of 30 oz. or 40 oz. during each cycle. If you go by the reviews about this small useful product, it can work longer than expected.

While cleaning, the coffee maker, you can actually lift the lid and put your hand inside.

The pot that comes along with it is lightweight and will not break, if it accidentally falls during usage.

So, this 4 cup coffee maker is great for its portability and is suitable for small families.

10. Capresso 303.01 4-Cup Espresso

Manufacturer: Capresso
Filter: Filter equipped with thumb-guard
What We Like: It is fast and a consistent performer, apart from being easy to clean.
What We Don’t Like: The frother is just for show, without much utility.
Customer Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

 If you are looking for a quick and powerful coffee maker, then your search ends here.

This coffee maker takes about 2 minutes to prepare a hot cup of coffee.

Moreover, you get various options. There is cappuccino, latte, and espresso, to name a few. This one comes with a coffee and steam selector.

So, now you can control the brewing as well as the steaming. You can adjust the strength of the coffee to your liking.

Now, you don’t have to be jealous about all the frothy stuff that comes on social media. Your personal frother is here.

Then, coming to the body of the coffee maker, there is a built-in safety boiler cap that prevents steam leakage.

The glass carafe accommodates 4 cups at a time. The body is well-equipped with ABS plastic and stainless steel accents.

The steamer and boiler are extremely powerful. So, you don’t have to worry about the temperature and quality of the coffee.

Now, coming to the portability part. It is light in weight. Moreover, the machine is mess-free.

You can also wash the glass carafe in the dishwasher without any hassle. The lighted on and off switch make matters easy.

The only, thing that you have to be careful about is the right-sided steam control.

It can burn your hand easily. The verdict is that at this price you will not get a better machine.

This a pump-style machine.

If you want to have your cappuccinos and espressos sitting in the comfort of your home, then this is the machine for you. To conclude this is an inexpensive coffee machine that can make 2-4 cups of coffee in a batch.

It is great value for money overall. Moreover, people have also named this machine the Mini Cafeteria Express.

This machine has some positive 4 cup coffee maker reviews.

11. Mr. Coffee DRX5 Programmable Coffee Maker

Manufacturer: Mr. Coffee
Filter: Removable standard paper filter with a basket
What We Like: The body is really tough and has an affordable price.
What We Don’t Like: There is no light, hence difficult to operate in the dark.
Customer Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

If you are looking for an affordable, yet sturdy coffee maker, then this is it.

It is an economically priced machine. However, you will not find any fancy features like bells and whistles, as the other high priced models.

The coffee maker has everything that you might need at this price point.

There are some functions that will entice you. They are the delay brew timer, which allows you to set the machine before going to sleep.

So, you can wake up to the smell of a fresh brew in the morning. You can even pause the brewing process.

The machine also comes with an auto shut off feature. There is an option of adding a permanent filter as well.

This coffee maker has one of the best 4 cup coffee maker reviews.

You must be worried about the cleaning part.

You should be. It is a huge hassle to clean the coffee makers.

Otherwise, it may lead to rust. And, if once rust sets in, you need to throw away the entire machine.

With this machine cleaning is quite hassle-free.

The machine ranks well as being user-friendly.

The other feature that distinguishes this product from other products in the market is the double water window.

Moreover, this machine allows you to see the level of water that you are adding.

There is a control panel that displays much of the information about the coffee maker.

The only problem with this machine, is the absence of back-light.

There is a cord storage gap as well, so you don’t have cords lying around.

This brand is doing quite well in the market. The Grab-A-Cup Auto pause feature is also a top-grosser.

Many people are using this coffee machine for over six years now.

The clock, the brew-program timer, and the filter basket, all work in tandem with each other.

This is an excellent coffee maker for a small family.

The hot plate also functions well and as per its promise.

Furthermore, the coffee maker does its job very quietly.

This is a must-have today for singles and bachelors. Just clean it with a little soap and water, and it is good to go.

Moreover, you can clean the hot plate with rubbing alcohol to keep it in service for a longer period of time.

The machine is small, simple, and easily programmable.

The clock is reliable as well. If 4 cup coffee maker reviews are to go by, this is worth a try.

12. Braun KF7150BK Brew Sense Drip Coffee Maker

Manufacturer: Braun
Filter: Strong and sturdy filter, but small in size
What We Like: the coffee-flavoring system is really impressive, along with a drip-proof carafe.
What We Don’t Like: The display does not have any brightness setting option.
Customer Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The coffee maker is garnering some good responses lately. The coffee maker delivers the best flavor till the last drop.

There are a whole lot of features, like a 24-hour clock, auto on/ off function, and 4-cup functions.

This Braun 4 cup coffee maker allows you to make coffee, the way you like it.

You can either make regular coffee or strong. There is a large display that comes equipped with LED lighting and easy buttons.

The LCD allows you to pause and pour in the middle of a brew.

And, there is no mess. The coffee maker takes care of the balance and other minute details.

The coffee maker has standardized measurement, so you do not need any extra accessory. The makers have knowledge about various brews.

Braun has this Pure Flavor system that takes it a notch above the rest of the machines in this price point.

The indicatively-designed carafe lid preserves the taste of the coffee. The sleek design and large display adds to the punch.

The stainless steel and black finish make the coffee maker look stylish as well as elegant. It adds class to your kitchen counter or dining table.

Now, you can get the best brew in every cup. So, the taste is conserved in a special manner.

The company makes coffee at the best temperature, which is suitable for you.

The anti-drip Technology and tight carafe lid makes for a drip-free experience.

The Braun 4 cup coffee maker has an automatic 24-hour timer that allows you to wake up to a fresh cup of coffee.

Moreover, the Braun Brew Sense feature stops all kinds of spills and mess. The coffee pot never leaks.

You may say that this is quite a small machine to promise such huge tasks.

However, it is actually the best of the lot. The machine also occupies less space, so now you can keep it on one corner of the counter or any space which is small.

There is a condensation drip tray that comes along with this machine. It ensures that the water stays inside the machine.

The correct water or coffee brewing temperature is approx.178 degrees.

The coffee quality is really above the best, if you go as per the 4 cup coffee maker reviews.

You get fairly warm coffee, and the anti-drip system also works quite well.

Most people who have bought this are quite happy. Thus, this is a compact machine.

It is extremely easy to use and keeps your coffee hot for up to 5 hours.

Features that are in demand are:

The carafe material has to be chosen with a lot of care.

This is one of the first features that seasoned coffee drinkers and coffee makers look for.

Mostly, they are made from glass, plastic, or stainless steel.

The budget buys are mostly made from plastic.

However, plastic is easily broken. So, that is a huge cause for concern here. Stainless steel is the strongest and most dependable of the lot.

As glass is prone to shattering and creating a mess. Stainless steel also acts as an insulator.

Today, people are hard-pressed for time. So, most of them look for timers.

Timers allow you to set the coffee brewing system, and you can wake up to the fresh aroma of coffee.

Most of the cheap coffee makers in the market do not have the ability to keep your coffee warm.

So, that is another negative point that you ought to look out for.

The best coffee machines are the ones, which have a proper temperature control.

The standard temperature being 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit.

Programmable features should also be present in your coffee maker. That is one quality, which most people will look out for.

Most coffee makers want to be able to adjust the brew strength.

Personalization is a feature that most seasoned coffee drinkers look for today.

Now, let us talk about the filter. In fact, it should be listed at the beginning.

Moreover, the filter should be made of good quality material. If you want something that is disposable, go with the paper filter.

The material will never collect and create a bad after-taste.

There is a permanent filter as well, but of course it requires high maintenance.

You have to clean it after every use. A lot of people say, that the permanent filter adds additional flavor to the coffee.

People are also considering looks today. If you display the coffee maker on the dining table, it better be beautiful and elegant.

Moreover, small coffee makers have various benefits. You can sneak them into place inside the kitchen, even if it is small. Shove it behind the cupboard.

Thus, storage is definitely a plus with small coffee making machines.

You can also store the coffee maker inside the cupboard when it is not in use.

And, the additional plus if you go for small ones is the short waiting time.


There are so many coffee makers that innumerable users and lovers of coffee are spoilt for choice.

Many of you would probably enquire, why 4 cups?

Is there anything special about it? We can also go for 12 cups or more. You can also go for a single cup machine.

However, it is a personal matter, totally. The number of guests who land up at home, at any point in time is usually more than 1 or 2.

And, would you like to stare at them while they are at it?

So, just make one or two cups extra for yourself. That is the reason why we are offering various cups.

Most filters are cone-shaped in this category. However, there are other types of filters, made from harmless reusable plastic.

Even, you can opt for the stainless steel carafe that ensures you about the durability of the product.

Some of the unique features like Grab-A-Cup or automatic shut-off can increase the value of the coffee makers to a great extent.

All these will help you choose the product as per your requirement.

You can get the 4-cup coffee makers white or black as per your preference.

The glass window of some products can seem to be more attractive to some.

Hence, there are a lot of options depending on the shape, size, capacity, quality, uniqueness, colour, design, and technology.

So, now you have mostly seen the features that most coffee makers come with.

You can take your pick from amongst the wide variety of coffee makers that are available today.