HTC Desire 820S Review: Mid-range Smartphone with Quality Performance

HTC Desire 820S Review: HTC Desire 820s Price, Specification

HTC Desire 820s ReviewHTC has released many mobile phones in a variety of prices ranges given that this past year, which has increased their placement in the centre rate market as you can read in our HTC desire 820s review.

This year this offers launched noteworthy HTC mobile phone price products like 526G for the particular budget conscious customers plus the most recent Desire 820S with regard to the mid range customers. Inheriting the proper execution factor associated with HTC wish 820, the particular 820S packs powerhouse standards to accomplish outstanding scores. The htc mobile phone price overall performance ratio makes the HTC dual sim smartphone really qualified among its rivals in the similar cost range.
HTC mobile phone price : Rs 23,500

HTC 820s Pros

HTC dual sim Smartphone the HTC Desire 820s supplies an excellent crisp HD display which has good viewing angles. It is also an extremely large as 5. 5-inches. That’s cash well spent.
The camera combo continues to be one of the better among mid-range. Few other phones can provide the 13-MP back camera having a 8MP front clicker. The telephone will see favour with selfie addicts because they are certain to get more pixels to report those duck faces.
The big change within the HTC dual sim Smartphone is beneath the hood, because the 820s runs on the MediaTek processor chip unlike its predecessor which usually a new Qualcomm Snapdragon 615. As with other new  MediaTek powered Smartphones, that one as well packs a strike with regards to processing power. In addition, it displays in the benchmark ratings which are now nearer to flagship phones. Actually, the Antutu rating was much better that this HTC 1 M8 and slightly below the particular One and something. And in spite of all of this, the telephone will not heat up unnecessarily.

HTC 820s Cons

The cell phone gets the best camera construction in the purchase price band. However the camera is not actually up in order to the product quality that people attended to anticipate from HTC dual sim Smartphone. Needless to say, it is what much better than what you could easily get for this HTC mobile phone price, however the pictures appeared a touch too razor-sharp for my taste.
The glossy back again protect is actually a problem for a few customers and use cases. I’d prefer matte end in order to this cover. The glossy rear might grab scratches over time.
The phone should obtain the HTC Sense 7. 0 version soon, however till then it really is stuck having an Android KitKat-based UI. Not a best component to put up your spec page in March 2015.


HTC Desire 820s includes 5. 5 inch FLAT SCREEN screen of HD quality. With excellent seeing perspectives. Although it’s neither pointed out around the package nor on the site but i’m guessing it really is an IPS screen. And just like that’s not mentioned anywhere, additionally it is not mentioned anywhere that phone has Gorilla Cup 3. But since this may be the same exact entire body as Wish 820 which usually has Gorilla Glass. I assume it’s secure to presume that phone does as well. In addition, it have decent overall lighting and colour reproduction.

The Desire 820s isn’t a bad-looking gadget. It looks fairly awesome using its double-tone color plan. However the design is aged. It’s the same style that will started using the Wish 820 and proceeds unabashed along with the Desire 820s. In the event that you keep carefully the Desire 820, 820Q and 820s hand and hand, you merely can’t differentiate among them: each of them look a similar.


This phone does not include HTC Sense in order a side effect of this additionally, it doesn’t include its camera app. And when you think there is absolutely no difference believe me there’s. The initial HTC Desire 820 however has all of the Feeling camera functions, which provides it hook edge more than this 820s.

The stock camera interface is easy used and sticks to its basics. If you need to be little creative with the effect images, download an authorized app, that allows more customisation choices and filters.
The trunk digital camera can shoot good pictures in well-lit conditions. They will have good detail, not really the very best, but satisfactory. There have been a few metering conditions that we experienced occasionally. In a few scenes all of us discovered that it underexposed the particular pictures. Also colours appeared a little dull generally in most associated with the pictures that people chance with these devices.
The issue using the camera of the Wish 820s is that it generally does not even match up the video camera performance from the Wish 816 and the Wish 820. And both of these products cost less.
Also, competitors just like the Xiaomi Mi four and OnePlus One group in a few fairly amazing video cameras for his or her price, a thing that can make the Desire 820ss very the odd man away in the crowd.

Overall performance

HTC Desire 820S Review

The purchase price to performance ratio of the phone is sort of hard to gauge. Since its cost varies a lot. But the most typical price i came across it selling has been around 23, 500 Rupees or approx $370. Now, that people settled on the price, lets discuss performance. This cell phone is among the quickest or even the fastest cell phone obtainable for this cost range. It had been just beaten by 1 AND SOMETHING in just Antutu. But in Vellamo it all defeat One AND SOMETHING along with a wholesome margin. Therefore i imagine it’s a tie. 1 AND SOMETHING runs on a higher finish Snapdragon chipset although. While this 820s works on a fresh Mediatek chip-set called as MT6752. That is not just a high-end chipset but nonetheless gives high-end performance. Another thing, look for 1 AND SOMETHING in a store near you… You can not. While this cell phone in relation to as effective or higher within some instances can be acquired very easily in local shops or even online.
One important problem with taking part in demanding video games — or while you’re watching full-HD video clips — is the particular fact that these devices temperatures up extremely fast. And considerably. For instance, as soon as while actively playing a movie we noticed the heat of the particular battery rise from twenty six degrees to 44 levels Celsius in minutes. The rise in heat in the phone is in a way that even though the ambient temperature is just about 20 degrees, you can have the extremely hot back again cover on the Wish 820s while doing offers.

HTC Desire 820s Specification and software program

It is not just the appearance of the HTC Wish 820s that fits the predecessor; the spec list ‘s almost identical as well. The unit functions exactly the same 13-megapixel rear plus 8-megapixel front cameras because the 820. The display, because mentioned, may be the exact same five. 5-inch 720p affair. Internal storage continues to be 16GB, and RAM continues to be in 2GB aswell. Additionally, there is 4-G compatibility, Bluetooth 4. zero and Android Package Kat 4. 4. 4 overlaid with HTC Sense six.
The only major variations are that expandable storage support is currently capped at 32GB, and the SoC used may be the MediaTek MT6752. The brand new MT6752 SoC is among the Chinese semiconductor specialist’s latest offerings. This means serious company, with 64-bit assistance plus eight cores of digesting power.
HTC has utilized the older Feeling five UI within the Wish 820s, a thing that we really feel may have avoided. HTC’s Feeling user interface is among the much better types we’ve observed in the company through the years. It integrates along with Google android well, providing you an easy stutter-free experience, that is furthermore pleasing to the eye, plus it is just practical.


All things are mentioned in HTC desire 820s review after that on last the user want to know about HTC dual sim Smartphone battery. The Desire 820s has a 2600mAh non-removable electric battery, that is rated to provide around 12 hrs associated with talk time and 560 hrs on stand-by (on 3G), according to the ongoing company.
Video playback and images intensive gaming really calls for toll on the electric battery life, whilst music playback about loudspeakers doesn’t affect it very much.
Still, the Desire 820s doesn’t feature a reasonable electric battery life because of its cost, plus heating issues increase the woes.


The HTC Desire 820 was an excellent gadget with solid more complex performance, and the Wish latest htc smartphone 820s manages to boost on that in a little yet significant way. It is a great cell phone with great overall performance that ought to help HTC stick to par using its competitors.
The HTC Desire 820s might not necessarily function as best smartphone price bracket, but it’s nevertheless a good impressive gadget that appears good, feels nice plus performs great. We’d suggest it to anyone searching for a mid- variety smartphone, specifically those that don’t wish in order to cope with the head aches associated with flash product sales and invite-only purchase techniques.As you read HTC desire 820s review and found It’s the solid gadget that you could purchase without the worries right now, and something that will serve you nicely.


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