Top Rated Best Surround Sound Headphones Reviews 2019

A primary selling point and marketing strategy a lot of headphones use these days is the “surround sound” feature. Although a very low percentile of those who claim so, actually live up to the claims.

So after going through a number of these here, we’ve put forth the best surround sound headphones you can get your hands on today.

Although note that it’s not a “ranking” list, meaning the #1 headset on this list may or may not be the “best”, and the last one is surely not the “worst”. It’s just a list, and all the headphones on this list are equally deserving of the “best surround sound headphone crown”.

1. Sennheiser PC373D- Surround Sound Gaming Headset
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as of January 17, 2021 5:26 am

The primary weapon the Sennheiser has is in its arsenal is its Dolby 7.1 surround sound features. It lets you literally feel the distance of the sound, especially comes in handy when playing online multiplayer games.

It’s extremely detailed, every last background noise, a water-drop, falling of a pin, you just can’t miss anything with this beast.

As far as the earpads go, they’re made out of velvet, are plush and breathable, in other words, you won’t find yourself sweating even after using the headphones for a long duration of time,

The mic quality is great as well, and it’s armed with noise-cancellation technology so in case you’re skyping or giving instructions to your teammates on an online multiplayer game, they’ll hear only what you utter and not what’s going on in the background.

And last but not the least, the feature which really separates it from the flock and gives it its unique identity is its Sennheiser software which literally lets you “shape” your sound.

Although the one feature that somewhat disappoints us is its wireless mode, it’s a completely wired headphone which might not be what many expect from a headphone of its repute.

Although If you’ve got a mid-range budget and mic-quality is a decisive factor for you, this surely is the headphone to go for.


  • Velvet earpads.
  • Unique Sennheiser software lets you shape the sound.
  • Great mic quality.


  • No wireless mode available.

Ask anyone who is a headphone-geek or enthusiast (if those kinds of people exist), it’s literally one of the best headphone existing in the industry.

The primary edge it holds over the Sennheiser is that it’s wireless! Something that the Sennheiser clearly lacks.

Apart from that, they’ve included a unique “transmitter” feature, it’s an additional device with an OLED display and is used for nearly everything conceding the headset, from connecting with other devices to charging the headphone the transmitter does it all.

The Steelseries too features Dolby 7.1 like the Sennheiser, but if and when compared to the mic quality, the Sennheiser beats the quality of the Steeelbird by a far stretch.

The Steelbird being a wireless headset, is also provided with two batteries just in case you run out of charge and still need your headset for some reason.

As far as the battery life goes, the batteries can power your headset for roughly 20 hours which is a pretty good amount of time.


  • Dolby 7.1
  • Two additional batteries provided.


  • The mic is good, but not as great as the Sennheiser.
3. Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Wireless headset
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as of January 17, 2021 5:26 am

Logitech is one of the oldest players when it comes to the sound game, couple that with its DTS Headphone X and you just got yourselves one of the best surround sound headphones especially at this price range.

The primary weapon that the Logitech G933 has in its arsenal is its pocket-friendly price, while at the same time offering the best available industry features.

It’s because of headphones like this that the other higher-priced headphones take a blow, there’s absolutely nothing that the Logitech won’t get you which the other higher-end products will.

The ear-cups are made out of Memory foam for comfort during long-usage, while the overall device is made out of plastic, which serves two purposes, first it brings the price down, and second, it keeps it really lightweight.

It also features RGB lights which even though isn’t a deal-maker, is a neat addition. Talking about battery life, it lasts nearly 13 hours. (This might vary depending on the on/off status of the lights, the lights consume more battery).

The one primary edge it holds over both the Sennheiser and the Steelbird is its bass. There’s just no comparison or second-thought about it, it literally offers the best possible bass compared to all other devices on this list of the best surround sound headphones.

The mic is “satisfactory” but again not in the same league as that of the Sennheiser, the sound quality too isn’t as great as the Sennheiser or the Steelbird, but unless you’re totally hardcore about measurements, you’ll hardly ever notice any difference.


  • Great, unbeatable bass.
  • Pocket-friendly.
  • RGB lights.


  • Mic quality could be improved.

Need to experience the qualities of 7-speaker 3D surround system without actually buying the system itself? Here comes the Sony MDRS6500 to your rescue.

First, of, it’s wireless, with a range of 100 meters. Another feather in its cap is its battery life, which is at par with that of Sennheiser with about 24 hours of battery life on an average.

It also allows for advanced customization options, which allow you to choose from gaming, cinema, and voice modes.

It has great compatibility with a number of devices and platforms, ranging from PCs, Gaming consoles, Blu-Rays and what not.

Even the bass is above average and keeps the Sony trademark intact. Not to mention that if you’re shelling out on the other side of $150 for a headphone, you can’t possibly be dissatisfied with the ear cushions or comfort.

It also features Noise-reduction to some extent which is an added bonus.


  • Outstanding battery life of nearly 24 hours.
  • 7-speaker surround system.
  • Advanced customization


Steelseries has already proven its worth with its other high-end products, but for those of you with a tight-pocket, this is a generous addition from the same.

Obviously, the trademark RGB lightening and DTS Headphone X are present, both of which guarantee not just head-turning style, but a fabulous sound quality as well.

Now you can’t expect the surround sound quality to be at par with the other headphones on this list, but even then it didn’t fail to surprise us.

The sound quality was honestly better than what we were expecting considering how it’s priced at nearly half the price of those other headphones on this list.

The only downsides? It’s wired and slightly heavier than its competitors.

But hey, being wired means there’s no battery life for you to worry about. And considering it uses the Steelseries engine 3 to power its surround sound qualities, it’s literally the best surround sound headphone you can grab at this price!


  • RGB lightening.
  • DTS Headphone X powered.
  • Steelseries engine 3 surround sound.


  • Not wireless.

Final Verdict

So which is the best surround sound headphone? As we mentioned earlier, each of these headphones is equally deserving, although how you can zero in on a decision is totally based on your personal specific preferences.

For e.g. you might be hunting specifically for 3D sound, or maybe for the bass or wired/wireless configurations.

Once you find the product matching all your needs, that’ll be the best surround sound headphone for you.