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Do you want to smell the fresh coffee just after waking up?

Confused about what type of coffee maker to buy?

Read the article below to know about the varied features of the top-rated brands and the comparison parameters to identify the best pick of the year.

A coffee maker can be single or dual. If you are stuck between which one to buy, go through the article thoroughly.

Most of the coffee lovers, as well as the cafeterias, prefer a machine that can perform several activities together.

In that case, you should definitely go for a dual coffee maker.

The Dual Coffee Makers are specifically built to accommodate the brewing of different kinds of seeds within minutes and deliver a fantastic output.

These are also known as the Two-Way Coffee Makers. They work just as their name suggests.

The concept includes one machine that can brew a single cup of coffee as well a whole pot with ease.

Most of them have the facilities for both grinding beans and then brewing the flavoursome coffee.

There can be another model also where along with tasty coffee, we can also enjoy the tastes of hot chocolate, tea, or other drinks with the help of a hot water dispenser.

In this article, we are going to throw light on the best dual models of 2020 and the key factors they possess.

You will also get the opportunity to compare the different coffee makers and choose the best for your household that matches all your criteria.


Customer Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars

What We Like: Auto shut-off feature, glass carafe for a spill-free design

What We don’t Like: The large and bulky design requires extra space

This model is a fantastic choice to have a cup of coffee with great flavours along with the feature of freshly ground beans to double up your experience.

The capacity of this machine 12 cups in one go. Apart from this, the two-way coffee maker can provide a single serve by brewing the coffee with fresh ground beans or pods.

This is an excellent option for the travellers.

This is due to the fact that the single-serve feature can fill an average or even an 8-inch tall travel mug.

So, you will not have any inconvenience while enjoying coffee during your journey.

How to clean the dual coffee maker?

The pod-piercing assembly tool is removable that you can clean easily.

You have to clean the product frequently to avoid clogging of the device. Otherwise, it may not operate smoothly.

How to use the dual coffee maker?

This model of Hamilton Coffee Maker comes with buttons for keep warm and auto shut-off.

Thus, you can enjoy complete peace of mind as there is no need to wait and switch off the device.

Apart from this, you can easily fill the reservoirs that are present in both the brewers.

They consist of water windows which will help you to see when the tank is full and when it needs refilling.

Therefore, along with the single-serve, you can also use the K-cups for a lovely drink. There is an adjustable cup rest to hold the K-cup pod holder.

How to program the dual coffee maker?

The Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Dual Coffee Maker is a 12 cup programmable device.

To get the desired taste of coffee, you can choose the appropriate option between the two different strengths for brewing.

You can also program the full coffee cup to carry out the brewing process at a particular time.

If you set the time beforehand, you can always enjoy a cup of fresh coffee as soon as you wake up.

The auto-pause and the auto-serve options are also there to allow you to sip a brilliant drink and gain energy for the rest of the day.

Even you can set the digital clock when you are busy working and want to have a drink ready in-between.

You can even program the timer 24 hours before.

What are the Customer Reviews for the product?

According to most of the customers, this model of Hamilton Beach is an excellent choice for those who want a full coffee pot as well as single serve facilities in one machine.

However, the size of the machine can require extra space. Sometimes, the beginners may find the single-serve option to be a complicated procedure.

Even, some feel that it takes more brewing time in compared to similar other models.


Customer Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

What We Like: Coffee strength is adjustable

What We don’t Like: Pod holder is not compatible with K-cups

If you want a single cup and a full pot simultaneously in one product, the Hamilton Beach 2-way Brewer is the perfect solution within a reasonable price.

The single-serve side is perfect for grinding the preferred coffee as per your choice into the mesh filter.

Also, you have the option to insert the pod into the available pod holder for a freshly brewed coffee.

The carafe can provide you with 12 cups of delicious coffee that it can hold in a pot.

So, bring this fantastic equipment home now and take the pleasure whole-heartedly.

How to clean the dual coffee maker?

It is not at all difficult to clean this machine. Many people may think that the cleaning process can be a complicated procedure.

It is always advisable to clean the machine on a regular basis. Before brewing for the first time, you can use vinegar and the two cycles of plain water to get rid of any plastic wastes that might be present in the filter.

Moreover, it is very easy to clean stainless steel only by using wipes. Keeping the device clean enhances the taste of your beloved hot drink.

How to program the dual coffee maker?

You will get all the opportunity to program this model as per your preference for coffee.

Who doesn’t want to enjoy the fresh scent of coffee just after opening the eyes in the morning!

There are fully programmable functionalities with auto shut-off features.

Moreover, you can directly brew into a carafe or even a travel mug and also any other cup.

The device comes with brew strength selector modes. You can select the regular or the bold mode as per your needs.

There is also a control panel as well as a display. You can program the machine by setting the time on the machine even 24 hours in advance.

Thus, you can enjoy the cup of hot coffee after waking up.

What are the Customer Reviews for the product?

Most people are in favor of using this machine with a larger chamber that offers coffee to a group of people.

So, it is perfect for the parties. Moreover, you can adjust the drip tray according to the various sizes of the cup.

It is the ideal option for those coffee-lovers who want to wake up with a sweet aroma of lovely coffee.

However, you cannot use Keurig K-cups in this machine.


Customer Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars

What We Like: Customizable auto shut-off feature and faster brewing

What We don’t Like: Large size, dripping problems from the carafe

This fantastic model made from stainless steel makes it a durable product, indeed.

It comes with the capacity to fill up 12 cups through it’s glass carafe.

Moreover, the impressive design of the machine can cater to most of the requirements of people.

This two-way coffee maker can serve 12 cups on one side and a single serve on the other side.

You can even accommodate your travel mug by adjusting the drip tray.

There are options of 6, 8 or 10 oz of brew sizes and a reusable filter cup.

Therefore, you can get your favourite coffee grounds or even you can go for the K-cup pods.

To enjoy the single serving option, the machine also comes with reusable filter cup.

There are also 3 coffee sample varieties in three interesting flavours.

These capsules are absolutely recyclable. To get your desired ground beans, brew the favourite roast and then wait for the capsule to cool down.

After that, with pre-cut tab you can remove filter from the outer cup and throw it in the recycle bin.

How to clean the dual coffee maker?

There are no hard and fast rules for cleaning or washing this machine.

The smart technology will tell when the machine needs immediate cleaning.

Thus, you can act on time without worrying much. Moreover, you will get the removable water reservoir as well as the detachable drip tray.

Thus, you can clean the same after removing the components. The stainless steel body is easily washable.

But, on a daily basis, you can even keep the clean by wiping the stains after every use.

How to program the dual coffee maker?

This 12-cup coffee maker has a fully programmable 24-hour control panel.

There are different facilities through which you can control the temperature.

You can choose either the regular or bold brew option from the brew strength.

Also, for safety purposes, there are additional features facilitating self-cleaning and 4-hour auto shut-off.

Thus, you will be completely relaxed even if you forget to switch off the machine on time.

Another helpful feature is hot plate control to prevent burning of your favourite drink.

It now includes a 3-setting temperature option to control the plate.

On top of that, you will also get to operate the power loss backup system for saving your settings even after a power outage.

What are the Customer Reviews for the product?

Most of the customers have expressed their utmost satisfaction for this excellent brewing machine.

This powerful device has the capacity to meet almost all the needs of any coffee-lover.

The smart technology and other advanced features make it a lovely product that many people want to choose among so many options.

However, the machine requires considerable amount of space.

Some people often complain about the dripping issues they face due to poor design of the carafe.


Customer Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

What We Like: Strong brew, water reservoir of 60 ounces and slim design

What We don’t Like: The design may seem to be flimsy, not suitable for K-cups

This versatile machine is a great fit in any compact sized kitchen.

The customizable single service, along with the pot coffee maker will give a delicious cup of coffee every time.

There is a gold tone mesh filter inside the carafe which makes the coffee brewing a smoother technique.

The machine is also compatible with K-cup reusable coffee filter if you love to have ground coffee.

Apart from this, you can also go for K-cups in case single cups of coffee.

The smooth flavoured coffee with a rich taste will definitely win your heart instantly.

You can get multiple brew sizes in this device. The various sizes include 6,8,10 or 12 oz single serve.

This fantastic compact machine can serve 6,8,10 and 12 cups of delicious coffee.

Moreover, it can easily be used to fill 8 inches tall travel mugs. There is also removable water reservoir of 60oz capacity.

How to clean the dual coffee maker?

It is very convenient to clean the device. It comes with the reusable filter with the gold tone mesh.

Thus, you can wash with any dishwasher atleast once a week. Also, you can wipe off the remnants on the body after every use.

How to program the dual coffee maker?

The Keurig 2-way coffee maker carafe function has full programmable features.

With the help of these options you can set the time even 24 hours beforehand.

There is a handy brew pause option to get a hot cup before the brewing is over.

The thermal carafe has the power to keep the coffee hot for 2 long hours.

Moreover, the auto shut-off function can turn the machine off after five minutes of inactivity.

So, you can use the device in a full relaxed mood. There is no need to be attentive regarding the switching off the device.

But the machine is not compatible with K-cups.

What are the Customer Reviews for the product?

According to most users, this is a brilliant product that saves a lot of space in the kitchen.

The removable reservoir can be placed anywhere viz. right, left or at the back as per your choice.

The feature if adjusting the timing makes it more preferable.

Moreover, getting a cup of hot brewed coffee even after considerable time is definitely what any coffee lover would appreciate.

However, some may not prefer this device as you cannot use a K-cup in it.


Customer Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars

What We Like: Opportunity to get both hot and cold coffee with the same coffee maker

What We don’t Like: Cleaning light can come often

This lovely device can give you both hot and cold coffee at the same time.

If you are a lover of latte, then this is the perfect device that can bring a big smile on your face due to the excellent milk frother.

Moreover, during the hot summer months, you can also enjoy the taste of delicious cold coffee.

How to clean the dual coffee maker?

You can understand when your machine requires cleaning from the cleaning light.

There is no issue while cleaning the product. You can even wipe out the left-overs stuck here and there.

It is always advisable to clean the device frequently to keep it going for a long time.

How to program the dual coffee maker?

Every user will fall in love with the Auto-IQ one-touch intelligence of the machine.

There is also a control panel which you can use very conveniently.

Thus you can brew the coffee with a beautiful flavour within a few minutes without any hassles.

There is also a warming plate to keep the coffee at the ideal temperature.

The audible “I’m Ready” signal is of great help. Besides, you will also get to use the reusable permanent filter.

There is also the LED control panel where you can adjust the digital clock.

A drop stop is there to stop the flow along with a multi-serve cup platform.

What are the Customer Reviews for the product?

According to most of the customers, numerous brewing styles and easy cleaning options can attract a lot of people.

The elegant sleek design can fit in any compact room this making it a brilliant choice.


Customer Rating: 3.6 out of 5 stars

What We Like: Dual side drip coffee maker with two 12-cup glass carafes

What We don’t Like: The replacement of carafes can be difficult

This two-way dual coffee maker is a brilliant option for both your home and office.

There are two separate sides with one side giving the delicious flavourful brewed coffee and the other side with a low acid coffee.

The two glass carafes are placed side by side and have the capacity to give you 12 full cups.

Thus the coffee will be on your hand within seconds.

How to clean the dual coffee maker?

You will get the indication about when to clean the machine. You can use paper towel to wipe out the interior after every use.

It is better if you clean on a regular basis to keep the machine running for an elongated period.

How to program the dual coffee maker?

This model presents itself with a bunch of programmable features to make your experience a satisfying one.

There is a pause feature that helps you to take out the cup even before the brewing process is over.

Moreover, you will also get the regulated heating tray. This tray will keep your coffee in a perfect temperature so that you can sip it happily.

The illuminated switches on both the sides help you to operate the machine conveniently.

There is also the automatic shut-off button that switches the device off after every 2 hours of inactivity.

So, you can use the machine without any tension.

What are the Customer Reviews for the product?

According to the customer reviews, this product will be the ideal choice, whether you want to have your coffee at home or you want to install an on-hand coffee machine at your office.

You can enjoy the regular and decaf coffee simultaneously.

The removal filter baskets make it very convenient for the users, especially for cleaning purposes.

You will also get the 1 year warranty with the product.

It is perfect for any household that has different people with different requirements for coffee.

As an employer, you can infuse more energy into your employees with the help of a cup of freshly brewed coffee that will suit their individual tastes and preferences.

However, you need to line up the coffee basket in the perfect manner and keep the lids closed. Thus, you will be able to get a mess-free cup of hot coffee from a clean container.

Yet, some people complain that the cleaning light comes pretty often and it becomes quite hectic to clean the device so frequently.


Customer Rating– 4.2 out of 5 

What We Like– Sophisticated programming (Auto-on and Auto-off) with a hot water system, safety lock feature

What We Don’t Like– No back-light function and system are loud, Filling up water in the reservoir is also tricky due to the design.

Cuisinart has been one of the most reputed brands designing coffee makers over many years.

It has now come up with the most demanded CHW-12 cup coffee maker.

This item is a highly modified and automated hot beverage device. It has the potential of delivering you with superior quality of 12 cups of delicious coffee.

The stainless steel body of the system makes the use more convenient. Be it your party or family gathering; serve the best quality beverage with Cuisinart CHW-12 coffee maker.

How to clean dual coffeemaker? 

The most common type of cleaning a Cuisinart item is using a descaling solution.

This has been proved the most effective for all types of coffee makers.

Also, avoid the splashing of water in the machine parts. Steady flowing water is the best.

The pod-piercing assembly tool is removable that you can clean easily.

You have to clean the product frequently to avoid clogging of the device. Otherwise, it may not operate smoothly. 

How to use the dual coffee maker?

This model by Cuisinart is exceptionally user-friendly. It comes with an auto shut off/on button, which controls the operation of the machine.

It also has a brew-pause button. This button functions well in providing you with a cup of coffee by pausing the brewing.

So you don’t have to wait long for the coffee. This is a dual coffee and tea maker that comes with a separate hot water system.

This water system is temperature-controlled and serves a lot more purposes other than coffee or tea making.

Though it is a single-serve beverage machine, however, providing you and your guests 12 cups of pure bliss won’t be a big deal for this machine.

How to program the dual coffeemaker? 

This is a highly sophisticated machine with automated programming with a 24-hour programmability feature.

You can also program the full coffee cup to carry out the brewing process at a particular time.

You can also set the time beforehand to enjoy a cup of fresh coffee as soon as you wake up.

The auto-pause and the auto-serve options are also there to allow you to enjoy any beverage of your choice.

What are the Customer Reviews for the product? 

Customers are quite satisfied with the product. However, few customers have complained about the operating system is complicated.

Otherwise, when it comes to the quality of beverage or efficiency of the device, it is an excellent choice as per customer reviews.


Customer Rating– 3.2 out of 5

What We Like– Budget-friendly machine 

What We Don’t Like– Cup limitation is up to 10

Are you are hunting for an all-rounder machine that will still fit your budget, then Delonghi BCO430 is the ideal choice.

It is the best innovation where you can enjoy every bit of your favorite beverages.

Be it coffee brew, latte, espresso, or hot chocolate. You will fall in love with its entire outcome.

It saves your bean flavor and provides you with a rich quality of hot smoking coffee. 

How to clean dual coffeemaker? 

Cleaning of the Delonghi coffee makers is quite an easy task.

A steady flow of water is best recommended to clean the parts of this machine.

The pieces are easily removable that makes the process of cleaning easy.

The water reservoir is front-facing. Thus there is no need to move the machine.

To continue enjoying the uninterrupted service of this machine, it should be cleaned at a regular interval.

How to use the dual coffee maker? 

Delonghi BCO430 combination brewer is an expert for what it is designed for.

It has a large water reservoir that provides 10 cups of carafe for your special moments.

There is also a pre-installed water filter that holds back the impurities.

It also comes with a manual frother to make your cappuccino and hot chocolate even more frothy and tasty.

This lovely little all-in-one machine comes with the most comfortable usage procedure.

A baby can also operate this to get the morning beverage. 

How to program the dual coffee maker?

Delonghi BCO430 comes with a 24 hour fully programmable feature, which is both convenient and smart to use.

You can set the timer before going to bed so that you get up with a fresh and rich mug of coffee in the morning.

The control panel is straightforward and gives clear indications of every operation happening on the machine.

One one side is the espresso, cappuccino, and latte options, whereas, on the other hand, it is the carafe option.

You can also choose the auto shut-off option for a better experience. 

What are the Customer Reviews for the product? 

Customers are incredibly ecstatic after buying this product.

They have compared this with the few best coffee makers in the market and have rated this higher.

The sophisticated operating system and product quality have won the hearts of many people.

The design is also eye-catch and trendy. Customers have enjoyed this all-in-one invention by Delonghi.


Customer Rating– 3.8 out of 5

What We Like– Incredible design and multi-purpose features

What We Don’t Like– The product makes noise while working and drips after initial filling.

Every product from Bella has always been a standard one and is preferred by thousand of kitchens.

The Bella Dual Brew Single serve coffee maker makes use of pressurized pump technology, which maintains the flavor of your favourite coffee.

It provides you with a freshly brewed coffee with convenience and quickness.

The standard plastic body makes the product lightweight and easily portable.

How to clean dual coffeemaker? 

Cleaning the Bella Dual Brew coffee maker is not very challenging. It is the same as cleaning any drip brewer.

However, in the former, a descaling solution needs to be run on both sides.

To get a thorough cleaning, a mixture of vinegar and water can be used.

After the machine is run with this mixture for a few times, let the vinegar settle and do its magic.

Then run the tool with fresh water sufficiently. This type of cleaning is both effective and easy, consuming lesser time. 

How to use the dual coffee maker? 

This highly compact and versatile machine provides you with your favorite ground coffee or K-cup coffee.

It comes with the most straightforward operating system, which is both secure and user friendly.

The pressurized pump technology keeps old of the fragrance and rich quality of the coffee.

This coffee maker may be the best buy in this price and provides you with a great cup of coffee, tea, or your favorite hot chocolate.

You can also get a hot cup-soup using this tiny machine.

The adjustable drip tray is the perfect option to use any cup size as per requirement. 

How to program the dual coffee maker? 

This machine is the simplest coffee maker that you can get at this price.

It just has two buttons- preheat and brew. As a result, no training or knowledge is needed to operate this simple machine.

The bonus point is that a ground coffee adapter is also provided.

This allows you to brew your coffee anytime you want to.

You can also use this machine to have your iced tea. Enjoy your favorite beverage as per your mood. 

What are the Customer Reviews for the product? 

Customers who have so far used this beauty are extremely happy with its simple and easy operation.

They have also loved the sleek design that can fit at any corner of the kitchen.

Apart from these, customers are overwhelmed to get such a piece of efficient machine at an affordable price.

Some customers have bought this product more than once. 


Customer Rating– 4.2 out of 5

What We Like– Sophisticated programming with brewing time and pause functions

What We Don’t Like– Filling up water in the reservoir is also tricky due to the design

This is yet another great invention by Cuisinart.

It has been one of the most trusted brands in household appliances.

It is a top-notch model that comes in three varieties- black, stainless black, and brushed metal in red color.

This product has a very stylish get-up and is a 10 Cup Coffeemaker with Hot Water System.

It provides the best quality thermal carafe without dripping issues. It is a must-buy if you are madly in love with rich quality coffee.

How to clean dual coffeemaker? 

Cleaning this machine is a baby-task. The easily removable parts can be thoroughly rinsed under a steady flow of water.

Descaling solution can also be used to clean these brewing machines. The self-cleaning function is also available to minimize the hassle of cleaning.

A mixture of one part of vinegar and two parts of water can be used as well to make a handy descaling solution at home.

The direct splashing of water should be avoided. 

How to use the dual coffee maker? 

The coffeemakers designed by Cuisinart have always been very user-friendly and convenient to use.

This item comes with a comfortable handle and a drip-free spout. The auto-on and auto-off options make the use of this item even more comfortable.

The hot water system provided in reality serves a lot more purposes than to present you with a cup f hot piping coffee.

It helps to prepare oatmeal, tea, soup, hot chocolate, and all your favorite drinks on the list.

A simple press in the lever will dispense hot water as per your requirement.

The hot water system has its own button so that it can function independently as well. 

How to program the dual coffee maker? 

The Cuisinart CHW-14 comes with a fully automated and 24-hour programmable functionality.

It has a brew-pause feature so that you don’t have to wait for your favorite cup of coffee.

Charcoal and gold-tone water filters are provided with hold back any impurities in the water.

Easy to understand indicators are there to guide you when the water needs to be refilled or when it is hot and ready to dispose of. 

What are the Customer Reviews for the product? 

As per the customer reviews, this product has been appreciated and also recommended by thousands of customers.

The multi-functional hot water system has taken over the credit of all other features.

People also prefer the design and the size as it can be placed anywhere in the kitchen.  

What is the best dual coffee maker?

When it comes to buying a dual coffee maker, many features need to be taken into consideration.

The primary concern should be the type of coffee you want to prepare.

It can be a drip coffee maker or an espresso machine or a K-cup or pod machine.

In the above-discussed items, the one from Bella and Hamilton Beach 49976 are the best fits for the category of K-cup coffee maker.

The Hamilton Beach 49980A serves the best dual compatibility of both ground and coffee pods.

The very next important point is the serving size. The majority of the coffeemakers in the market in the era have a capability of up to 10 to 12 cups at one go.

In this aspect, all the above items are efficient enough.

When it comes to the programmability and system operation, the simplest one is the one from Bella.

The others are highly sophisticated and automated among, which Hamilton Beach 49976 and Ninja 3-Brew Hot and Iced coffeemakers are the best.

The size of the coffee machine also matters a lot, especially when it has to fit into the kitchen properly.

To select the best for this category, the products from Cuisinart and Bella serve the best.

However, the one from Delonghi is most stylish. The Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee

Maker provides the maximum variations in brew sizes, which is an excellent feature provided by the product; whereas the Kitchen Selectives CM 302BL provides you with dual way coffee brewer, both for home and office.

It poses maximum convenience to use both the sides simultaneously. 

After comparing all the best dual coffee makers in the market available now, it can simply be concluded that each individual makes have a different preference.

Thus the best choice for you might not be the best for others. It entirely depends on the need and tastes of the customer.

However, the best product can be categorized based on the most considered features of a coffee maker.