Xperia S Binaries release by Sony to Support JBQ’s AOSP Project

Right now the new generation want to new applications in the mobile phones ,we know Sony is the leasing brand to launched extra ordinary applications for new generation right now  Xperia S Binaries release  by Soney and Jean Baptiste Queru, recently started a new project to bring Vanilla Android over to the Sony Xperia S. Now when this news hit, many of us were starting to think there would be a Sony Nexus coming this fall as one of the five Nexus devices to launch alongside Key Lime Pie.

Sony has now made the binaries available for the LT26i, for the rest of us that’s the Xperia S. Sony has also said in their blog post that they have always supported external innovation. One of Sony’s Senior Engineers, Bjorn Andersson will take the lead on Sony’s side of this project. According to the company’s developer blog. Now keep in mind that even with the binaries being released, there is still quite a bit more that needs to be done before there will be a vanilla Android ROM that can be used a daily driver. But it is a step in the right direction.