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WhatsApp for Android Update Details

WhatsApp for Android Update Details

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Whatsapp Messenger is a cell phone ambassador accessible for Android and different cell phones. Whatsapp utilizes your 3g or Wifi if accessible to message with loved ones. Switch from SMS to Whatsapp to send and accept messages, pictures, sound notes, and videos. First and foremost year FREE and afterward it’s Rs. 55 a year.

When you and your companions download the requisition, you can utilize it to talk to the extent that you need. Send a million messages a day to your companions free of charge! Whatsapp utilizes your Internet association: 3G, Edge or Wi-Fi when accessible. Send Video, Images, and Voice notes to your companions and contacts. Gather discussion with your contacts through Group Messaging. Much the same as there is no added cost to send a universal message, there is no expense to send Whatsapp messages globally. Visit with your companions everywhere throughout the planet with the expectation that they have Whatsapp Messenger installed and escape those annoying universal SMS costs. Why even trouble needing to recall yet an alternate PIN or username, Whatsapp works with your phone number, much the same as SMS might, and mixes impeccably with your existing phone address book. No more disarray about getting logged off from an alternate device. With push warnings Whatsapp is ALWAYS ON and ALWAYS CONNECTED. Your Address Book is utilized to immediately associate you with your contacts. Your contacts that recently have Whatsapp Messenger will be immediately shown. Regardless of the possibility that you miss your push notices or turn off your phone, Whatsapp will spare your messages disconnected from the net until you recover them throughout the following app utilization. It offers Location Sharing, Exchange contacts, Custom wallpaper, Custom warning sounds, Landscape mode, Precise message time stamps, Email talk history, Broadcast messages and MMS to numerous contacts immediately and a great more.

Download this Free App for Android from the Following Link or from Google Play Store –