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Tomb Raider HD for Symbian by GraN

Tomb Raider HD for Symbian by GraN

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Recently Tomb Raider has been launched for Symbian s60v3 Devices by Eidos, This is a Port which will work on the DosBox Emulator. The Graphics in this game are extremely 3D and gamers will really enjoy it a lot. This is the 4th Port after the Quake 1, Quake 2 and Quake 3 Arena for Symbian v3 Devices. The Data for this game will cover around 25 MB or more for this Game. Thanks to GraN for bringing this awesome game to life. The Gameplay of this game is awesome which is similar to Play station 1. To play this game there is a need of Symbian s60v3 Devices based on Symbian 9.1 to 9.3 Operating Systems which are brought to you by Nokia Mainly. This game can be played on the screen resolutions of 240×320 and 320×240 and this game needs free RAM of more than 64 MB. All the files needed to play this game are provided below like DOS Box, PIPS Installer and SDL files to run Dosbox.

Installation Method:

1. You need to hack your symbian device first in order to play this game.

2. After hacking your device makes sure there is atleast 150 MB or more space on your memory card.

3. Start the install serverRP patch from ROM Patcher you just installed while hacking your device.

4. Download the Dosbox emulator.zip file from below link and then install it on your memory card, install it but don’t open.

5. Now Using X-Plore open the zipped Dosbox file again, and extract the 3 files named ”dosbox.conf”, “premapper.txt” and “mapper.txt” to your Device Phone Memory which is C:/Data/. Do not extract these file on Memory card otherwise the emulator won’t work.

6. Download the Tomb_Raider_Eidos_by_GRAN.zip file from the link given below.

7. Using X-Plore creates a folder named “doswin” in your memory card. In the doswin folder create another folder named “win31” and again in win31 folder create another folder named “Cadi”.

8. Now open the Tomb_Raider_Eidos_by_GRAN.zip file and Mark all the files except “INSTALLT.EXE” and extract the files to folder E:/doswin/win31/Cadi/ using your phone and not X-Plore which you have just created on your memory card.

9. Now extract the file “INSTALLT.EXE” from Tomb_Raider_Eidos_by_GRAN.zip using X-Plore to folder E:/doswin/win31/Cadi/

10. Now go to your Dosbox emulator and open, Wait for the Eidos logo to appear and the Game will start.

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