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Superhero Dark Knight Update

Superhero Dark Knight Update

Superhero Dark Knight | Nokia Update | Nokia Superhero Dark Knight

Many of us have seen Batman and know him very well, many of us are even fan of Batman and especially small children are fond to be batman. Recently a Movie named Batman: The Dark Knight Rises has been released, this movie had many interesting facts and a real good story. Recently an official game the final chapter of the epic Batman saga has been released for mobile game lovers.

Play as Bruce Wayne the Batman or even as Selina Kyle which is the Catwoman in this adventure game through 8 fascinating levels and defeat many bad guys including bane and Ra’as al Ghul on your way to the destination. The action in this game starts from a place and all over Gotham city from the streets to the City Hall etc. As you progress further many new and cool gadgets in the game will be unlocked with new and special vehicles including Batrang and Bat pod. While playing this game you will get more benefits that you will be able to unlock as you progress through the game. These items in the game are very hard to unlock but take it simply on and go on making points to unlock them, play entire game and continue to play further again once more this will surely help you to make points and unlock all the perks available in this game.

As compared to basic java games this game is better and offers many types of game play which is mixed into one. This game lets you sneak up on targets, shoot your way through waves of enemy and even allows you to drive into the entire mob while riding on your Batpod.

Overall this is a game that will be enjoyed by much of game lovers, especially Spiderman Toxic City and Total Mayhem like hand to hand combat and Assassins Creed style master gamers.