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Smartmovie app for Symbian overhauls

Smartmovie app for Symbian overhauls

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Smartmovie a well known Symbian app that has been in news since the most popular and well known s60 device i.e. Nokia 6600 appeared is still in work. This symbian app was and is still used for playing avi files till date. In the previous versions of Smartmovie it was only used to play avi files which was later upgraded to avi and mp4 files. This is the best player after Core Player which is also available for Symbian devices. But the advantage that Smartmovie carries over Core Player is that Smartmovie is also available for Nokia s60v5 phones while core player is only available for s60v2 and s60v3 devices. Smartmovie plays all avi and mp4 smoothly, and the newer version of smartmovie even shows thumbnails for all videos available in your device in the form of gallery. It also shows thumbs of the current playing video while you drag the video forward.

Smartmovie have overhauled their old version finally and now have incorporated a standout amongst the most required characteristic for its class, the flash or FLV documents compatiability. With this new and most recent version of Smartmovie for Nokia symbian fueled features pack 1, 2, 3 and 5 Lonely Cat Games has taken the portable media diversion to another level. The prior form of Smartmovie, uniquely the desktop/laptop based converter that accompanied it, had genuine imperfections when being instated on a Vista or Mac machine and additionally it was ridiculously moderate while converting the videos.

As of late the codecs format of Directshow innovation have been making the buzz in the media business keeping in mind it took a while for LCG to redress themselves yet well, anyhow their most recent discharge Smartmovie 4.20 have the entry way open for that advancement of the motion picture playback. With Smartmovie introduced on your cellphone you will equipped to watch your top choice films on the go!! To welcome this change and appreciate it there is an extremely straight forward 5 steps that you need to perform. When you getting done accomplishing all the five steps you can revel in those high caliber anamorphic dvd films with or without subtitles on your devices. Install the converter on your computer that will help you convert the DVD video with or without subtitles. The PC converter will convert the movies to the mobile screen size and will be compatiable with the mobiles, then transfer the videos to your mobile handsets. Install Smartmovie on your cell phone to play the transferred videos.