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ROM Toolbox a Great App for Android

ROM Toolbox a Great App for Android

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ROM Toolbox is great app that combines all root apps into one giant app with user-friendly interface. This app requires root permissions so users must root their device at first. Thorough this app user can install full ROM’s and other zipped ROMS from the SD card itself. Users can also create, manage and restore android backup of their original OS into SD cards.

This app when installed into your device will automatically backup apps when they are installed to provide you with an apk file and store it to your SD card, which will be helpful to the users to install apps offline. It also contains a feature of sending backups via email or dropbox. This app is too much useful when your mobile system is damaged, users can restore their damaged software through android backup already created with ROM Tool box.


This app contains a list of features like Backup and restore data, task manager to close or shutdown unwanted or background running apps, view memory usage, email your apps to friends, share apps, freeze defrost system and user apps, Root file browser, auto start manager and many other usable features which the users will really love. But beware this app can also damage your system if you don’t choose the provided files carefully as some devices have compatibility while others don’t.


Sometimes when you use any Free Android app you can see ads that are downloaded automatically on the app these are ads from porn, casino, and risky sites, but now ROM toolbox will help you block all those ads, even you can add new ads or sites to the host files included app for advertisement of your own sites.

Some users may have noticed that whenever they install apps on android it get installed directly to the phone memory and the cache and temporary junk files gets stored on the phone memory increasing it. Even there is no option to move the app to the SD card, but no worries when you have ROM tool box. Now you can choose the default install location for your apps whether SD card or Root memory.

This app contains some features like boot loader where you can change the boot logo or boot animation of your device. You can even reboot to recovery of your phone to install any custom rom. Users can now get new look for their devices by installing custom fonts provided by Rom Tool box. It has a list of over 150 great fonts for your device and users have to just choose the font and reboot the phone and look for change in their device.

Previously I have described about the System Tuner app for Android that changes CPU options to make phone performance smoother. This app also includes some features like Set CPU sliders and scaling governors for your device performance. Easily edit your build.prop, change LCD density, improve battery life, increase performance, Auto memory manager, increase app loading speed of your SD card etc. This app has two versions ROM Toolbox Lite which is a free version to download but with less features as compared to ROM Toolbox Pro which is a paid version. As this is also a best app for your Android device, go get your hands on it.