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Nokia needed Android Update

Nokia needed Android Update

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Microsoft took on Devices and Services unit from Smartphone manufacturer Nokia for $7.2 billion. But before this deal Nokia had considered switching to Android OS according to New York Times. Nokia had reportedly made prototypes for Nokia Lumia Android Models before and were trying to cross fence to Android sometime late in 2014. Nokia had a team working to bring Android System to their existing Lumia models before the Microsoft deal took place. All smartphone companies always have alternatives for switching OS in case they need to. Nokia had to deal with Microsoft for bringing Windows to their phone but with an alternative option of leaving the partnership in 2014.

Nokia accounts for about 80% of Windows phone sold in market, but still Nokia faces criticism for choosing Windows over Android. Due to this the current share of Nokia has fallen to a minor 3%, This might be due to the wrong operating system choosen for their Smartphones. Android is now the very popular Operating System in the market, and lot of users like it, but still the reason of choosing Windows for Nokia has not been come out. If Nokia had come out with Lumia series having Android might be their share would have been increased as this Operating System is very much better and has a lot of Apps and 3D Games which people love to download, install and play.The Former CEO of Stephen Elop had said that Nokia’s decesion for switching to Windows and sticking to it is due to Samsung dominance over Android Market. Maybe next year Nokia will be using Lumia Android Smartphones, or carrying on with Windows or might be releasing a new series in the Market with Android Operating Systems.

It may be assumed that the open nature of Android and the greater number of Apps may have helped to downgrade the current position of Nokia in the market. People can look out how in a few years Android has gained so much importance in the market. Even Indian based companies like Micromax and Karbonn had switched to Android from China or Java versions of Softwares, and gained importance in the Market. So, Nokia must consider switching to Android as soon as possible.