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New Google Nexus 9 Review :- New Android experience

New Google Nexus 9 offers you as a pure Android experience as user can get – which means that driving Google services. Google has a new Nexus tablet, and is made ​​by HTC. The handset manufacturer in Taiwan has been some time out of building tablets, so this return is meaningful not only because it is a nexus, a stable device blessed with the Android share of Google (and the first with Android Lollipop 5.0), but also because it is the first board in years since the manufacturer so it is very likely the best Android smartphone designed around the HTC One M8. HTC does an admirable job of playing a familiar melody for fans of Nexus with this tablet and offers one of the best performers Android devices currently available. But fans of the unique layout of the M8 might feel a little uninflected by the build quality of the Nexus September.

What’s new having New Google Nexus 9
New Google Nexus 9 offers a taste of Lollipop, the latest version of Android. Lollipop allows you to interact with email and other notifications from the lock screen and allows you to unlock the device by the presence of a trusted device on as an Android Smart Watch. As with other devices Lollipop, the Nexus supports multiple profiles – up to eight, with no restrictions on where they intended for adults. A blow to the left takes you to the virtual assistant Google Now, if you’ve become that.
New Google Nexus 9 Basics
• Dual core processor 2.3 GHz Nvidia Tegra K1 64bit
• 2 GB of RAM, 192 Kepler GPU cores
• 8.9-inch, 2048 × 1536

New Google Nexus 9
New Google Nexus 9

• 16 GB or 32 GB of storage
• 8 megapixel rear camera, 1.6MP front camera
• MIMO 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1 and NFC
• 7.95mm thick, 425g
• MSRP: starting at $ 399 for Wi-Fi 16GB
• The product information page
• Big Screen
• powerful specs for the price
• Construction feels a little cheap
• Android tablet application ecosystem is weak
Designing the New Google Nexus 9 will look familiar to any fan from recent Nexus devices, especially because it is almost the exact an exaggerated version of an existing appliance – a Nexus tablet 5. HTC LG has made ​​the same matte rubberized back and it is slightly sloped bevel around the edge of the whole device. That edge is composed of polished metal, however in a color matching the back panel. This is a premium small benefit it has over the Nexus design 5. Otherwise, however it is as if the Nexus 5 of the swallowed magic mushrooms from Mario, who is not necessarily a bad thing.
The Nexus 5 is still one of the most durable designs successful smartphone to date, even if not highest build Quality Stuff Available a mobile device. The back is good grip, but it also manages to resist collecting excessive dust and sand, and sloping borders make it easier to hold with a single hand. The materials used make it both lightweight and durable, and whilst I would call for the most uneventful in terms of visual appeal, its humble looks are also part of its charm.
New Google Nexus 9 has the same type of appeal. As you would expect from the Nexus hardware paper “stock”, the Nexus 9 is neither striking device in the world , neither the slimmer nor the lightest, but it’s perfectly suitable in all these categories. There is, for example, an Air iPad 2 when it comes to its thickness, which, in fact, not even beat the original iPad Air, but is thin enough to satisfy the majority. Your weight actually manages to overcome both the iPad and his successor air for a few grams, however, probably due to the use of plastic rather than metal for most of the construction of the rear chassis.
Metal One M8 HTC did a stand-out under the category of design Android devices, but the plastic here helps make rear of the Nexus 9th most grip. The ability to grip the largest board with a fair amount of trust is very useful because of its size, but there is an remarkable difference between the exterior of the back cover and what lies beneath (probably a battery unit), which can be in a tactile, clicky subtle feeling when youare changing your grip. It is not a topic that is sufficiently serious to detracting from my enjoyment in using of the tablet, but disappointed on a device from a company that built the magnificent engineering One M8.
New Google Nexus 9 offers a lot characteristics that differentiate it from other tablets running Android, including HTC facing speakers that work great for viewing movies and listening music. Headphones still will serve you better, but if you cuddle to your partner about see and tablet is the only means of seeing and hearing, you will not be disappointed.
Since you are running stock Android, the Nexus 9 also receives a lot with interesting features that other OEMs can not offer on their own devices. For example, you may allow the tablet is always listening for an “OK Google” command to awakening the device and launch a search, and then specify whether it should do this across all screens at all times, even when not connected to the power and when the screen is locked. Google has set this role a bit, too, adding an element of voice training so you should responding benefits only to you, rather than anyone who happens to say (including, for example, myself in a podcast I might be listening).
The Nexus 9 also offers double tap to wake up, which means you can tap anywhere in the display twice in rapid succession to activate the display. This is indeed one of the characteristics of the HTC one M8 you miss most up when other devices are used, and it’s great to see it provided as part of that hardware. This is a feature specific this tablet, too, which is not reaching the Nexus 7 or 5 via the software update. It’s a small thing, but when you are using a device on and off during the day, which adds up to a enormous advantage comfort.
Other characteristics of the software that really shine in the Nexus 9 are new multitasking interface Lollipop, which uses a mechanism of flip-style across ‘cards’ complete with full previews of their latest implementation known state. Flipping the recent apps will put you right back where you left off with barely a stammer, but the applications have stayed in the background for longer resumes from hanging condition battery saving, depending on what kind of application you’re using, you may be more or less inconvenient. In one game, for example, you could get started a menu, but most software that will only take a couple of seconds to get you back to where it was.
Lollipop each other feature that is ideal for this device is the shift function accounts and the guest account. From your lock screen you can access other recorded in the device, or just jump into a guest account. This I silo and protecting your data, but to ensure that households with shared tablets (which is further compressed using households, statistically) all be able to participate without the worry of stepping on anyone’s toes. It makes the Nexus 9 ideal for guests around unafraid of over-revealing.
HTC has not skimped on the Nexus specifications 9 and it can go hand in hand with industry heavyweights. The CPU and Nvidia GPU combo are ideal for a device having a big beautiful screen with a selection pixel density of 288ppi, which enables you play and view the contents of HD video without lag or stammers performance.

May 9 The Nexus do not have enough the pixel density of any of the Nexus 7 or Nexus 10but the display is still sufficiently dense that you will not be able to distinguish individual pixels. Text is sharp and colors are cool and slightly muted, which is in keeping with other Nexus devices over the years and is, in my eyes, far preferable to coat displays and over-saturated favored by some manufacturers equipment like Motorola.
Back-lighting is mostly even, but my unit exhibits an ever so slight halo effect to the upper part of the screen, so for approximately 2 mm overly bright display area. It is a pity, and one of those things you will notice occasionally, once you see it, but it’s not a deal breaker. The screen still works well both for content and HD video to reading text on light or dark backgrounds.