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Moving through Asphalt Racing: Asphalt 8 Airborne

Moving through Asphalt Racing: Asphalt 8 Airborne

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Earlier Gameloft has released Asphalt 7 : Heat which is a most popular game on Android devices, after Asphalt 7, Gameloft has come up with Asphalt 8 : Airborne which provides exiting racing experience, with added twists. As like in the earlier versions of Asphalt, Asphalt 8 has something new to show, gamers will get rewards in the game for performing tricks while in the Air. Many angled ramps are present on the tracks that will provide way to make stunts while in the air which represents Airborne. The Graphics bundled in this version of Asphalt Racing is very much different and in very High Quality.

Through Career mode gamers will start with a very little budget and a car and will try to earn money by winning races and earning rewards while performing tricks through Air. This game has been released for iPhone and Android devices as well, due to the excellent graphics in this game with very high quality the game might lag in low end phones and so it needs very high end phone in order to handle the graphics. To control the game it has tilt to steer feature with onscreen buttons to boost and break the vehicles. The game music has option to choose from Bass, electronic and rock music and is pretty awesome to hear. It’s very easy to play the game but quite hard to win the race, like what the racers need, the in game CPU controlled cars are very much faster and it’s quite difficult to overtake them. This game includes many different game modes, and many tracks, tunnels to move from, wreck others cars knockout them, jump high in air through ramps and much more fun.

The cars used in this game are very unique and fast moving, Very much detailed gaming experience with hours of play. Earn money by winning the races; unlock events, cars, bikes, and even ladies to help you with your performance on tracks. Tune your vehicles by winning and replacing different kits in your vehicles. Same as Asphalt 5 and Asphalt 7 there are many dream cars that you can run on track and have fun gaming.