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Microsoft Cortana Windows Phone Assistant

Microsoft Cortana Windows Phone Assistant

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Microsoft is developing its own virtual assistant from the Halo character Cortana similar to Apple’s iPhone which has siri and Android having Google Now. Xbox is the strongest platform for Microsoft and Halo is a strongest brand in which Cortana is the cutest character.

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Halo a game series from Microsoft in which Cortana provides directions and plot advances will now be able to do much more than that, infact Cortana could become a part of Microsoft in real lives as well. Also theres a rumor that Cortana apps are in work and it will arrive very early next year. This will be a virtual assistant and will rely on machine learning technology as well as satori knowledge that powers Microsofts Bing search engine. Cortana a AI based personal assistant will be able learn adapt and over come time to time. Satori and enormous knowledge repository of Microsoft which also powers Bing will help Cortana in real time query processing and help it to gain learn and adapt more knowledge about the world and people as the time passes, which will help users to have a very personal assistant as seen in movies and various video games, Cortana will become a reality.

Microsofts CEO Steve Ballmer has said that their UI will be deeply personalized with magical, intelligence in our cloud that will learn more and more overtime about people and the world. The shell will natively support all services and seamlessly respond to the services what people ask for. Cortana will be much more than only a voice recoginition system with a pleasing voice which will meant to be an inbuilt component of the new interface for windows accross its various platforms. Microsoft is presently in good position and the answer to siri a voice assistant for iPhone and Google Now will be Cortana.

Microsoft are now trying to develop a personal voice assistant that will act as something alive which will not only be a voice recognition system but more than that. The reason behind choosing Cortana a merely gameplay character as an assistant is that Cortana is an attractive character and has the potential to be a star for Microsoft said Rob Enderle the principal analyst at the Enderle Group. Microsoft wants to show up hot and current AI Assistant and beyond that.