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Lenovo introduces 4th Generation Technology

Lenovo introduces 4th Generation Technology

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Lenovo has utilized the Intel Developer Forum to publish a revive to its lineup of Thinkpad business notebooks incorporating items in the Thinkpad T, W, E and L Series of laptops. The Chinese device producer has updated these notebooks with new fourth generation Intel Core Haswell processors, and also enhanced design, graphics, around different characteristics. In the Thinkpad T-arrangement, Lenovo has presented the T440p and T540p notebooks that are fueled by Intel quad core i7 processors. The T440p and T540p claim to offer an battery life of upto 13.7 hours and upto 12.6 hours, separately.

The notebooks offer Nvidia Geforce Gt730m graphics on select frameworks and up to 16 GB SDRAM. These accompany the choice of Solid State Drives (SSD) and Hard Disk Drives (HDD) of up to 1 TB. Connectivity choices incorporate 4G/ LTE as well as mini Display port, a VGA port, 4 USB 3.0 ports and a card reader.

The organization has likewise started new notebooks in the Thinkpad E-series lineup, with the Thinkpad E440 and E540. These notebooks has another more slender, lighter, and rich design and are fueled by the most recent 4th generation Intel Core Processors. The notebooks accompany up to Quad Core Intel Processors, discretionary Nvidia discrete representation, space up to 1 TB, RAM up to 16 GB, and an optical drive.

The W450 accompanies Nvidia Quadro graphics representation with Optimus 2D and 3D content creation. It offers storage choices of up to 2 TB with RAID alternatives for information reinforcement and privacy. The device likewise sports a Thunderbolt port for high speed data. The journal incorporates a full show of ports and connectivity alternatives, for example 4g/ LTE.

Lenovo has additionally started the Thinkpad W450 which it says is its generally influential and portable workstation ever. The notebook sports a 15.5-inch 3k IPS board with a 2880×1620 pixels resolution and wide angle viewing. It is 27 mm thick and weighs 5.45 pounds or 2.47 kgs. The notebook is fueled by the most recent Intel quad-core i7 processors, accompany up to 32 GB of RAM and sport the Thinkpad Precision backlit keyboard with a number keypad.

Lenovo has likewise started L440 and L540 entrance level business notebooks. Controlled by Intel’s 4th generation Core processors, the L-Series notebooks features vPRO innovation technology and are optimised for simple incorporation into new or existing IT bases, according to Lenovo. Both the Thinkpad L440 and L540 incorporate Wi-Fi, Ethernet and 4G\ LTE connectivity. The notebooks offer double HD noise cancelling microphones. These accompany a HD+ camera on the L440 and a full-HD one on the L540, and are Microsoft Lync Certified for making motion picture calls and conferencing.