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Latest Updates to iOS 7

Latest Updates to iOS 7

Latest Updates iOS 7 | iOS 7 News | Latest Updates iOS

Apple has unveiled the much awaited update to all the iPhones released from the year 2010. This updated mobile operating system has more new features and improvements. It has got 10 most significant new features through update. Apple has updated the Notification centre by replacing the background with translucent look by replacing the linen like texture; it has now been divided into 3 tabs. By swiping up from the home screen or lock the control centre will be opened where there will be controls to turn on or off Airplane mode, blutooth, wifi, do not disturb and screen orientation settings. There will also be option for screen brightness, playing and pausing or skipping a song. Moreover handy shortcuts had been placed for flashlight, camera, calculator and timer. Recently launched iOS 7 will be more useful in multitasking, the new interface allows to run application and multitask in background, pressing the home button twice now will bring all the background apps rather than their icons at the bottom of the screen which was observed in earlier version os iOS. To close a running app users will just need to swipe it up and our of the screen preview.

The new iOS has safari browser updated it has been overhauled to offer a distraction free richer experience to browsing as buttons stay hidden while you scroll, users can move back and forth while browsing pages just by swiping back and forward. It will have a new tab view and it will not be restricted to only 8 tabs as observed in earlier versions. It will also remember usernames and passwords, credit card numbers through the new iCloud Keychain. The new updated Photos app will offer users to browse and select photos in a new way with an Photo editing feature bundled in it. The photos will automatically be arranged according to Collections, years, moments, years and grouped into different categories. It will also include iClod photo sharing through which users will be able to share their favorite moments with people by creating photo stream, and others will be able to post photos, videos and comments to the stream.

The new app store included in the operating system includes clean user interface which will list relevant apps according to the location. The guides, maps will help users accordingly whenever they enter a new city or place. Like Android it will provide updates to keep all apps up to date by providing updates badge. It includes Siri the Voice Assistant that will provide new and natural speech pattern which includes female or male voice. Siri will now have more sources Bing, wikipedia and twitter and will be able to control apps and phone settings. It will also have control center of iOS in car that will let users make calls, control music and check mails and messages while driving. In all iOS 7 comes with more and significant best features, so, users must get ready to update their old iOS to the new iOS 7.