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Kicksend: Easily Send Photos & Videos

Sending lots of full-quality photos to your family is usually painful. Kicksend makes it easy to send, receive, and view photos and videos on any device, anywhere.

Send, receive and print tons of photos and videos privately to the people you love using Kicksend. It’s simple, free, and fully private.

“A quick and painless way to share lots of photos”
Covered in NYTimes, Lifehacker, TechCrunch

Select 30 photos from your Android Gallery or pics that others sent you on Kicksend, and print directly to your nearest Walgreens store. Pick up high quality prints in an hour! (USA only)

Other Kicksend users can send full-quality photos directly to your phone, and you can view, save to your phone and write back privately!

Send full-quality photos in one go to any phone number, email address or Kicksend user.