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Key features and market analysis of Apple smartphone iphone 6

Key features and specification of Apple smartphone iphone 6

Apple has been launched a newApple smartphone iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. An event held in California in September in that Apple announced to bring a Smart watch and mobile payments Platform. IPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus bigger, round and is said to be fast. IPhone 6 plus coming with 5 inches big screen first time. Additionally, Apple also provide more features in this range so that its standing on different platform from other smartphone range in market. Apple also increased the storage capacity its 128 GB .

The Apple Smartphone iPhone 6 is not simply bigger

Apple smartphone iPhone 6
Apple smartphone iPhone 6

it’s better in all respects. Bigger, yet dramatically thinner. More powerful, but highly efficient use of energy. With a smooth metal surface which complies perfectly the new HD Retina screen. It is a continuous according to the hardware and software in harmony, creating new generation of iPhone it is better by any measure.

After the release of iPhone in 2007 Apple sold about $ 343 billion, again Apple smartphone iPhone has been sold the customer may ask the September 12 United States, France, Hong Kong, Canada, Germany, Singapore, United Kingdom, Australia and Japan will meet September 19 Get this phone in India from October 17 Indian customers will need to call it that, is not yet reported.

In creating iPhone iOS 6 and 8 together, have optimized the software to improve the physical layout. iOS swipe gestures are designed for be more fluid across the transparent manner so it easy to navigate iPhone with one hand. New features like more accessible can to interact with the larger screen in many ways, too. Simply double tap the Home button and the entire screen scrolls down closer to your thumb. And easy navigation to Safari or Mail, swipe from left to right on the screen to go back or swipe from right to left to move forward. With the new continuous walking surface of iPhone, all his gestures now feel softer than ever.

Smartphone Iphone 6 Features :-

Screen size:

4 inch display as it passes through an 4.7-inch display Apple have the iPhone 6, but according to the existing web technology standard the Senate terms of the display size is being depleted. However, the size of the iPhone screen 6 plus, of course, to a certain extent to meet the demand. It has 5.5-inch screen. In accordance with the Senate, iPhone 6 and 6 and 5 is better than the iPhone display.

Seeing and feeling:

The body of the iPhone 6 is larger and thinner. IPhone 6 and iPhone 6 more lonely thickness of 7.1 mm, 6.8 mm thick. According the Senate, iPhone 6 might fit in the palm is far better. However, the pattern of iPhone 4 inches is the sensation of being larger than the size of the phone. As the body is concerned there, metal designs are felt previously like the iPod and iPad. However another interesting characteristic of the phone is connected to the design. Glass screen is superimposed over the edges of phone. IPhone 6 is available in three different colors of gold, silver, gray. It weighs about 129 grams. Iphone 5 Touch ID, a fingerprint scanner.

Top 10 Features Smartphone Users Want From iPhone 6
Top 10 Features Smartphone Users Want From iPhone 6

iPhone 6 is an 8MP camera Aisait. The Senate wrote that people who demand more megapixels may be frustrating for a moment. However, the new sensor in the camera. Moreover, face tracking, flicker and smile detection characteristic only bruises. Even somewhat as Kanptitr broke mobile with auto-gathering mode. Taken in conjunction with the support of this feature, much of the imagery helps to choose the best. IPhone 6 is the digital image stabilization, but the iPhone 6 plus role of advanced perspective picture stabilization. Apple on their latest handsets have 1.2-megapixel front facing camera. The new Retina display on (saying Apple Retina HD) is also a characteristic of these handsets.

Apple PE: This feature lets you pay for things the phone can be purchased from a touch. Because of this feature, your phone works like a credit card. However, this feature is currently in America. When this feature will begin in India, this has clearly not been disclosed.

This phone is not worth fit in our pockets and we will try to hang in your pocket pockets will burst. “He wrote the ‘screen real estate’ means for you and not let you put the phone in pocket plus your option could be the iPhone 6. The iPhone has plus the ability to rotate the screen. Side rather than the front screen can be used. This facility was the first time in iPhone.