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How to update Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 for Free

How to update Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 for Free

Windows 8.1 is the most recent Operating System by Microsoft which is available for Desktops as well as Tablets. This new Operating System has various new characterstics and features which also incorporates wallpapers for Desktop screen as well as start menu. It has a new style search and new layouts for multitasking which helps users to move from one application to another with a different experience. It also includes new features of Tip to Desktop mode and Boot to Desktop mode options. It likewise incorporates IE 11 which is known as Internet Explorer 11 overhauled browsing application.

This new update will be available for download in the Windows Store. Users will get a notification to download the upgrade in the store and also installation instructions. Despite the fact that, you’ll have the capacity to hold applications legacy Windows programs and documents and settings after the redesign, its still fitting to take a move down of your data and keep item codes convenient on the off chance that you have to reinstall programs.

Clients who are running Windows 7 on their computers will be able to overhaul to Windows 8.1, however they would just have the ability to hold their files and should reinstall desktop applications incorporating Microsoft Office. Updating to Windows 8.1 from Windows XP and Windows Vista is not underpinned and you will do a clean commission of the Windows 8.1 Os on systems running these legacy OS.

Microsoft had prior declared that Windows 8.1 might be accessible at an expected evalution of $119.99, however Windows 8.1 Pro will be accessible for $199.99, comparable to the evaluating of Windows 8.