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Gangstar West Coast Hustle: A Rockstar Vice City type game

Gangstar West Coast Hustle: A Rockstar Vice City type game

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Gameloft has released 3D gaming for Android Smartphones. Now no more move to cybercafe or Gamestations to play 3D games when you get it on your Android device itself. This latest game has been issued for Android devices operating on Android 2.3.6 and over smartphones. Take way to be a Gangstar and immerse yourself into the Los Angeles Gang life, Take different guns, bang people, get busted, drive cars, take on stunts and much more realistic experience while play. There are 50 different missions to complete on, while not in a mission you can roam free, drive for miles and get into a fight with people as you have already experienced into the earlier Game by Rockstar i.e. GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas etc.

This is the First Mobile Game that that shows realistic 3D experience on Mobile with entire city to cling on, Big Beaches, Walking and working people, Police cars that chase you, detailed buildings, impressive cars that take damage when you hit them. It is so realistic that gamers will love to spend much time playing it. Explore the whole city, kill people, get busted, steal vehicles, kill enemies, get into a fight, walk out with your gang, help your gang, jump from vehicles, take different cars and create stunts, earn money and buy different weapons etc. so much fun to carry on.

There are many shooting sequences in which you need to handle while helping your gang or yourself. You need to earn money by killing people and stealing from them or by completing missions which will earn you pre specified money. It has a very intuitive gameplay, Drive various cars, just the thing lacking behind in this game is that it has no big vehicles like bus, trucks etc. or two wheelers like motor bikes. This vechiles have been already intorduced in the new game by gameloft known as Gangstar 2 Miami Vindication. This game includes beautiful and weird sounds as well, well designed background music. Whenever you run into a car you can start or shutdown FM Station which would be running whenever you get into a car just by clicking the shutdown button on your screen. This game lags on low memory devices but can be run by installing Chainfire 3D Pro 3.3 and reducing the graphic quality.


Gangstar has been released in two versions Lite version and HD version for best performance on various types of devices. Lite version is for Low performance devices and HD version for high performance devices with great quality of Graphics and Sounds. So grab and take a bit of it. Have fun Gaming on Android.