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Galaxy Gear Update: A Smartwatch by Samsung

Galaxy Gear Update: A Smartwatch by Samsung

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Samsung Galaxy Gear a wearable wrist watch type of computing device is designed by Samsung looks like a digital watch. This Samsung gear is been priced for $299. It has intensely black rectangular screen with orange straps. This galaxy gear dependent device which will operate with specific Samsung Smartphone or tablet computer, the pairing of this device would be done over Bluetooth connection. The Gear has a display of about 1.63 inches measuring diagonally having a touchscreen and the strap has embedded camera. This gear supports many apps such as facebook and lets the user check email and answer calls of the device its paired with.

Many Smartphone companies are launching different devices that will amaze the users. Sony had recently introduced Smartwatch in June while Google is working on Google Glass. Many Smartphone companies are entering into competition by creating different gadgets and updated Smartphones. Apple too is trying to create an iWatch. Many users that are tech addict are attracted to such gadgets so samsung is taking a lead in to attract more and more customers towards them. This Samsung Gear has been powered with Android operating system and will only work with Samsung devices but only with newer models.

This gear has Camera of about 1.9 MP, speaker phone and more than six dozen of apps, this apps include facebook, twitter, run keeper and other workout apps. The camera quality is poor as related to a typical smartphone camera. Samsung Galaxy Gear will prove a new and improving gadget in the tech world, seems like Samsung will further provide virtual assistants emerging from the wrist watch and providing information needed to the users.