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Four Wheel Drive Works Technology

Four Wheel Drive Works Technology

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There are many names as like four wheel drive or all wheel drive/4WD/ AWD and just as many ways of motivating every wheel a vehicle has on the ground. Are you interested for known the difference between four wheel drives and all wheel drive? Driving is not a new experience; it is running with many years. Four wheel driving is not too hard if you know some tips. An all wheel drive vehicle is an on demand feature that occasionally sends power to the non primary powered wheels.

Here we are providing many different types of four wheel drive systems as there are four wheel drive vehicles. Every manufacturer has several different schemes for providing power to all of the wheels in four wheel driving. If you are really interested in this topic then do not be confusing because we will use language with different car makers, so before know explaining how they work, be clear up some terminology. Four wheels drive usually car makers say that a car is a four-wheel drive; they are referred to a part time system. These systems are meant only for use in low traction conditions as like off road or on snow/ice.

All wheel drive systems are also sometimes called full time four wheel drive. All wheel drive systems are manufactured to function on all types of surfaces of driver procedure, both on road and off road and most of them cannot be switched off the vehicle. Part time and full time four wheel drive systems are also using the same criteria. The best system will send exactly the right amount of torque to each wheel in driving which is the maximum torque that is because that tires to slip while driving.

We are providing the fundamentals of four wheel drives and starting with some background on traction, look at the components that make up a four wheel drive system in car. Then we will take a look at a couple of different systems with including the one found on the Hummer and manufactured for GM by AM General.