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Flipkart android app review Update

Flipkart android app review Update

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Flipkart has created an Android application that offers clients the capacity to surf and buy from the flipkart site’s product index from their cell phones. The application permits clients to go through Flipkart’s diverse product sections incorporating fashion products, hardware, books, electronics, accessories, beauty, personal care, and entertainment likewise toys and products available for infants.

The application additionally lets clients hunt down products, classes or brands through text based keywords, barcodes and even voice, which was as of late presented on Flipkart’s site and offered to select clients. It permits clients to tight their hunt through Sort and Filter characteristics, permitting them to sort products on the groundwork of pertinence, fame, cost both high to low and low to high and rebates, and channel through the sort, brand, cost, markdown, accessibility and different variables. Product postings on the Flipkart application permit clients to see pictures of products and zoom to see a nearby up, notwithstanding offering client surveys and appraisals. The postings offer a slider menu on the left showing different products in the classification. Swiping to the left likewise takes the client to the following product in the same product class, same as you do when you visit flipkart.com via you PC.

The application additionally shows as of late searched products and their parts indeed, when the portable devices are not joined with the Internet. The Flipkart Android application lets clients place requests and use different payment methods including cash on delivery, credit or debit cards, EMIs and NetBanking. It additionally permits following status of things in the request and checking other record portions. The application likewise lets clients share connections to fascinating products with companions through SMS, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and different services.

As it is the new application, it is minimal buggy as it crashes several times, which might be enhanced later with an upgrade, Let’s Hope. Additionally there is bug in adding products to the cart and the application gives and error every time it is tried to do so. It could be a provisional failure that is crossing the biological system. Nonetheless, the voice look works correctly, effectively recognizing product and mark names. Over all Android users must try this application and use it for buying new products from flipkart.com.