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First look on iOS 7 Update

First look on iOS 7 Update

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Apple iPhones which have released from over 2010 will get free upgrades of the new iOS 7, this would bring down he sales of Apple as the new iPhones which are released this year would have the same operating systems. This free upgrade will make users feel like they are getting a totally new device said Apple’s boss Craig Federighi. This new operating system will be seen on the new two models i.e. iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. Although iPhone 5 was more expensive than iPhone 5c but iPhone 5c has got the all new iOS 7 which make it looks more intelligent and more beautiful. Three months ago apple had announced conference marked on Tuesday where the reporters had got a chance of hands on the Apple new operating system iOS 7.

iOS 7 brings a very different look to the iPhones as the new iOS 7 had icons more colourful and flatter than the old ones, moreover it no longer displays iPhone apps as three dimensional embossed obejects. The new operating system might have some bugs but still the software looks very good and people would love to update their systems with the new operating system, the software adds some new features to the system and makes it easy to navigate around and iPhone.

An addition to iOS 7 is that it has the ability to stream music through and advertising supported service calles iTunes Radio and 5 free apps that used to cost around $4.99 each, these free apps are iPhoto, photo editing tool, video editing program, iMovie, Pages, Numbers and Keynote. Apple will not be bringing Google Maps back which it removed last year and replaced with its own app but they promise to bring a more better alternative from it own company. The new operating system will enable users to take better picture and it will automatically sort the pictures into different categories after upgrading. The new iOS 7 includes smart upgrades to camera that will enable users to zoom in while recording videos more smoothly and also choose a filter while taking a shot. It also empowers users to access other open apps more easily only by clicking twice the home button. Apples iPhone 5s will be powered by A7 processors and upgraded the new iOS 7, so, give it a try.