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Evernote Android App Interface Review

Evernote android app review

Evernote is one of those applications that either get or are trying to understand. In short, Evernote has a text editor, photo upload tool, and a device for voice recording, and you can use either of these basic separate components or in combination, to upload content to your account. The program keeps all your thoughts, notes, recipes, photos, anything loaded in the cloud so you can reach them from your computer, smartphone, tablet, or really any place that has an Internet connection and a Web browser app Evernote (which is the focus of this review).

evernote android app
evernote android app

Evernote App Key Features:

  • Sync all of your notes across the computers and devices you use
  • Create and edit text notes, to-dos and task lists
  • Search for text inside images
  • Organize notes by notebooks and tags
  • Email notes and save tweets to your Evernote account
  • Connect Evernote to other apps and products you use
  • Share notes with friends and colleagues via Facebook and Twitter
  • Premium feature: take notebooks offline to access them anytime
  • Premium feature: allow others to edit your notebooks
  • Premium feature: add a PIN lock to your Evernote app

Evernote Pros:

Evernote android app is a great application for any service been around for a while. It works well, and combining this for the premium services is, well, powerful. I think it’s clear at this point that Evernote is one solid piece of software, so a lot of lives easier. The capacity of search, share and ocr push the next level. The user interface is simple to use, and really easy to fix everything.

Evernote Cons:

It has a very oversized to install one note-taking app, the Amazon version was significantly bigger than directly on the Android Market. And the terms of service, if read actually would become many people out. Premium services that are nice, but do not know are many who can justify $ 50 a year on them.

Springpad vs EVERNOTE Catch:

Yes, Evernote android app is not alone party in this block. It’s been so long, and well commercialized, I think services such as Springpad and captures are still in the middle of trying to get attention from people. All do taking notes and organizing basic too. I believe most people would be happy with any such services. Actually might have to try each to find the that you like. I like to advise people to test these other services, as I really like to Springpad best thing Evernote. Catch has a simple user interface, as well, and works well, but it was not for me. If Evernote premium services were not $ 50 / year would be a no-brainer. But the crux of the problem is that they are facing . who refuse to give up that kind of dough into something of Evernote. The field of play becomes completely level .

Springpad website has been high, easy Custom use..very, and a bunch of options. I was like with this service, then out of nowhere the company launched an innovative ui review, especially with regard to the mobile app Springpad. It’s great, is exactly what appears on the website. Works very wellwith no problems, auto-syncing and easy sharing to and from it. The widgets in my view are better than Evernotes, and I like it use this app much more too. Got everything I ever wanted, Springpad.

Quick Summary about Evernote android app

What is excellent:

Evernote are available on a range of devices, including many features with the free version, but a premium version is also available. Users gain of storage space in the cloud, the amount depending upon the selected plan. The application enables you can create notes pictures, audio notes, notebooks for organization and more.Evernote is ideal for linking each other several notes. The application also boasts a fresh Presentation mode without the need for creating slides. If you want to scan images of text, everything from business cards to the slate, this application can do that, saving time, paper and headaches. Evernote has an exceptional application center, with hundreds of extra tools that might add.

What’s not so great:

The free version has a kind of offline access, but many users will find it insufficient. Aside from that, users could miss such characteristics as comments, graphical personalization tools reference or bibliography, the accessibility options, sharing on social media, real time collaboration, and other features. Many of these are portion of the course with a note-taking application, however.

Evernote is good for Users who want flexibility in the way they capture information about the progress, for home, business or academic projects, which need to collaborate with others in the application . For those who can afford it, I suggest the Premium version, which gives you more load, offline access, and greater ability to search notes.