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Dangerous Things Everyday in Home

Dangerous Things Everyday in Home

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Many people are doing home careless every day. Here we are providing the some details about home management. Many chemicals found in a wide variety of the goods that you use every day in home. Here are some most common products that may be dangerous to your health system. Moth balls use naphthalene which after prolonged exposure can damage red blood cells and which can also stimulate nausea vomiting and diarrhea in the home. Large no. of persons use some form of pesticide that kill everything from tiny microorganisms up to rodents in home materials. Carpeting has also come under greater scrutiny because volatile organic compounds associated with new carpet installation in home use carpeting. You should know that glue and dyes used with carpeting are known to emit volatile organic compounds which can be harmful to health system.

As you know low concentrations can cause problems in central nervous system, brain, blood cells and kidneys. It is also particularly threatening for babies and children so be careful from these disease. ­Air fresheners and cleaning solutions is also dangerous because it release toxic levels of pollutants. Air fresheners have many volatile organic compounds as like nitrogen dioxide. You should know that baby bottles made from polycarbonate plastics which are the most common type on the market. It is also harm to natural human hormones.

Mattresses, upholstery, television and computer casings and circuit boards, flame retardants use polybrominated diphenyl ether are health threats. Hair spray, shampoos, fragrances and deodorants have Phthalates and also called plasticizers are harmful for human. Cosmetic products are also used to increase the durability and flexibility of plastics in human life and animals. So be careful what you eat, and pay close attention to the household products and items you purchase for home uses. These dangerous chemicals and toxins are available in the air you breathe, water, food and the products you use in home.