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Condoms for USB based Mobile Devices

Condoms for USB based Mobile Devices

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People use to charge their Phones at home through charger connected to it, also there are many different ways to charge phones when not at home or travelling outside. Some people might consider juicing up their devices through usb modes; this type of charging facility is only compatiable with usb based devices. Charging through USB mode is a process in which one device is connected to another, in the sense of connecting a USB based mobile to a Computer or Laptop, where the Laptop or Computer provides power supply from its own battery to charge the connected device. But this is not only all that we can see, this is much beyond imagination, a normal USB port can have a computer copying data from the device copying on the other end without knowing the user. This is the term known as juice-jacking that has been assigned to illegal robbing of data from devices plugged in by the people with an intention of charging them.

Int3.cc a community of developers has come up with a idea and a solution to such problems. This group has focused on information security and has launched what is interestingly called as USB Condoms.

An USB Condom is a sleeve which can be put on any USB port which will cut access to the pins that copy or receive data but only enable the device to access the power supply of the device plugged in. The exact design of this sleeve is unknown as the website is currently offering only circuit diagrams. This invention will surely be welcomed by young individuals and organizations concerned with Data Privacy, especially those organizations which are connected with defense and the areas where confidential data resides on employees devices.

This device sleeve is compatible with USB Type A, USB-Mini B and USB-Micro B ports. The group ensures users that they can juice up their devices on any computer or through public chargers without worrying about data being stolen.

According to Int3.cc, the device is sold out and will be receiving the next batch of inventory for the USB Condom from the factory on Monday, September 16. The pricing is still not available this device would be available for all users at low costs. So, next time you gonna charge your device, be sure to use Condom protection.