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Burst Photos with Camera on Android

Burst Photos with Camera on Android

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There are several occasions we need to click photos but with a single shot camera we cannot for e.g. for a moving image we cannot take still image with a clear camera. Google Play is a market to download many apps and games, which automatically installs app on your device after download. Many users rely on Google Play for downloading apps. Google play has many camera related apps that can increase camera and graphics quality and insert frames edit photos, shoot videos in slow motion etc. One of the best camera app available which will be more beneficial to users is Fast Burst Camera.

Fast Burst Camera

As its name suggests Fast Burst Camera is an app that takes rapid shots from camera and is the fastest camera app available for android on Google Play. Fast Burst Camera can take 30 photos per second on high performance devices and 5-10 photos per second on low end devices. It is provided with a shoot button on the screen which when clicked and hold continuously will take rapid shots and save it on SD card. You can even Tap for Fast single shots.

It has Zero shutter lags, pictures are taken as soon as shutter button is pressed and slowly saved into memory of the device. It is useful while taking photos of fast moving objects it supports flash, focus and zoom and Shutter sound can be turned off.

It is a great app for sports shots, taking rapid shots in an important situation and pick the best later. It captures images frame by frame and with the original resolution of the inbuilt camera of the device. This app also includes many settings to change like resolution of the camera, change the main or secondary camera, On or Off the Flash, zoom in or zoom out etc.

This app resembles to Nokia Smart Camera for Action Shot of Nokia Lumia 925 and has similar features and facility of the app. Mobile camera technology has got better, the ability to share on social networks has improved too. Take a pic and share your occasion on social networks with Fast Burst Camera.