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Asphalt 5 HD Released for Android Gamers

Asphalt 5 HD Released for Android Gamers

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Great and fun news for racing game lovers, Gameloft has released Asphalt 5 HD game for Android devices, a very High Definition Games. It has been released for QVGA and WVGA resolution including Tablets and Mobile devices.  Ride in your 30 of the dream cars created by the most famous manufacturers in the world ike Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi and Ducati.


High Definition polished graphics with detailed animation of the track as you speed over snow, mud, dirt etc. Game includes 30 Cars from different manufaturers with 12 beautiful locations around the world including St. Tropez, Aspen and Las Vegas. Game has slow motion whenever you jump from ramps, looks like a movie shot taken through slow video camera. Different types of challenges with 8 different racing events including Drift Contest, Cop Chase, Time Attack, Duel Mode, Last Man Standing and Escape.

Asphalt 5 has very unique and fast moving cars with blurring effect when nitrous is released. Start from a source to reach the finish line, race in between different slow moving and fast moving cars. Race your rivals and to win the race. To win the race you have to come in the first 3 cars. Different tracks with beautiful locations run your car anywhere you want by just moving your mobile in left or right and see the car moving in the direction you want. Click a button the screen and boost your car through nitrous. Earn money by winning the races; unlock events, cars, bikes, and even ladies to help you with your performance on tracks.

Tune your vehicles by winning and replacing different kits in your vehicles, choose performance, weight of the car, speed of the car according to the won kit, to replace with. Extra ordinary gaming experiences on Android Smartphones, Low performance devices are also compatible having 1 GHZ of processing speed. High performance devices will get smoother experience with HD quality of graphics. So don’t wait go grab it, download today.