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Airtel Launches 4G Services | Airtel Update

Airtel Launches 4G Services | Airtel Update

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Airtel has now become the first operator to launch 4G services in the India. Firstly 4G services were launched in Kolkata and it will soon be available in Maharashtra, Punjab and other circles. 4G refers to 4th generation of Mobile communication standards where 4G is the Successor of 3G which will be ultra fast and provide incredible broadband internet speed to customers. WiMax and LTE i.e. Long term evolution technologies are being used by operators to provide services across the Globe. Though Airtel has announced for 4G services in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Punjab circles there is no fixed time defined by Airtel for the launch. The devices which Airtel will offer for enjoying Airtel 4G services will be 4G LTE USB Model and 4G LTE Indoor Wireless Gateway. Airtel 4G services will be available in Kolkata followed by Bengaluru. Telecom Company Airtel uses TD-LTE well known as Time Division Long Term Evolution that is a variant of LTE developed in China to provide 4G services.

Fourth Generation supports 100 mega bits per second i.e. Mbit/s for mobility communication and 1 giga bit per second i.e. Gbit/s for stationary uses. Airtel will have 3 Tariff Plans to provide 4G LTE services to prepaid as well as postpaid users which will be –

1. Break free

2. Break free Max

3. Break free Ultra

USB Data Card of Airtel will be available at a price of Rs. 7999 while Indoor wireless gateway will be available for Rs. 7750. This will also provide value added services along with data and will be providing a host of value added services to its Users including Games, Live Devotion, Television, Movies etc. All these services will be powered by many different content providers like Bigflix, India games etc. 4G services will be providing more speed as compared to the existing 3G services and offering incredible experience to the existing 3G and heavy users. Airtel has taken a good step to advance technology and helping the development of India.