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6 Most Awesome Nokia Games

6 Most Awesome Nokia Games

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There are a series of some most famous .SIS format for high end S^3 and S60v5 smartphones of Nokia. This post will explain about some most popular games that are good to play and checkout with.

1. Alchemist –

Alchemist is a game released by Stix Code Studios which is based on Action along with Logic, where gamers must use their creativity and see how far they can go by starting only with four basic elements available. Play on and become a legendary alchemist and combine the components to create gold at the final quest.

2. Antartica –

Antartica a game released by Columbia Studios is an Adventure and Action game where you play as a lonesome Eskimo and gamers will have an aim to fight the evil UFOs, yetis and Dragons in different worlds. At the end of each of the stage gamers will have to defeat the boss on that level to move further.

3. Boom Beats –

Boom Beats which is released by Gamelion Studios, this game is a very addictive game based on rhythm that will let you enter words that are compelling full of club tunes, all you need is tap the rhythm and earn score.

4. Buggy Coaster Forge has come up with the game known as Buggy Coaster which is a really interesting racing and action game which is set in the world which gamers will create.

5. Castle Run –

Hyperkani has released Castle Run in which gamers will have to run and escape their way out of a fallen castle. Go on helping your soldier to escape by running and jumping over. This game is similar to the most famous game series Temple Run and Temple Run 2 running on Android.

6. Dalton The Awesome Reloaded –

Dalton the Awesome which is published by the Colorbox in which gamers aim is to run, collect items and kill zombies. Many different types of power ups are available.