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2GB-GDDR5 HDMI Black Edition Graphics Card under $200

Gigabyte GTX 750 Ti GDDR5-2GB 2xDVI/2xHDMI OC Graphics Cards GV-N75TOC-2GI

Are you a hardcore gamer or addicted to nature lover, can finally kudos to NVIDIA as your prayers heard by GIGABYTE. Best in class with 2GB DDR3 RAM HDMI Black Edition Graphics Card which supports up to 4K higher resolution , GIGABYTE is quite known for its strong capacitor. This is the best for making low budget gaming PC below 200 dollar with whole new powerful specifications. It will let you play your games for maximum resolution with no legs , now you can become Rusell crow into a Gladiator arena with blood and gore , can blow up the enemies strategy on battlefield, all you need to have buy this fierce product and marry it with your gaming CPU. Most of us having a dream about continue the expedition of gaming without giving a notion of upgrading the GPU , which is necessary cause no burning hole in your pocket DDR 5 takes you on the whole new level , whether it is about PC games or somewhat the emulator you might wanna run. So be the hardcore, because you are born to be.

HDMI Black Edition Graphics CardWhat brings brills and thrills for low budget gaming enthusiasts??

it is black edition means you have no worry about the performance, as its been tested for about 150 hours before shipment. So your never ending extreme gaming saga can be continue .

Ready for 3D gaming and Blu ray

Now enjoy the 3D gaming with blu ray support which makes feel like you are in the game with no holding back .

NVIDIA GPU Boost 2.0

Conclusively said that its optimize the performance of this gaming chassis and give more push to with ultimate experiences and make it to the precise control, manage the voltage so nothing unstable could occurs.

Two New Anti-aliasing Modes: FXAA and TXAA without the anti-aliasing modes gives you crisper screen and every details which you needs to know. You can enable for playing thousands of games. TXAA, combing another MSAA options which allows temporal filtrating and post processing even for high pixel candid visuals.

NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync : Nothing could be more disastrous than dropped frame rates and screen tearing which only can cause due to lack of equilibrium between first frame and the second. Adaptive V sync enable best support to eliminate tearing even at low frame rates and it get rid the gamer of obstacles so you can get on with gaming.

Wind-force Tech: Worrying with the heat as it escalates huge headaches among gamers but I would insist to give a chance to win-force tech by GIGABYTE, seamless gaming hours but one not need to fray anymore, Enjoy your battle with full of blood and gore but no more sweat .

How WINDFORCE technology works and its feature what makes it invincible in this class.

WINDFORCE 2X simultaneously equipped with dual ultra PMW fans and coper heat pipe to maximize the air on the graphics card vent which enhance airflow system in card .

Gold plated HDMI which transfer flawless signals without any distortion .HDMI Black Edition Graphics Card

Supports up to 4 Displays which gives your more extreme gaming experiences .

OC GURU II developed new user interface which let you know about the clock speed, temperature ,FAN speed, online support by GIGABYTE and free to have firmware for update BIOS.

Benchmarking details for 2G-GDDR5 HDMI Black Edition Graphics CardHDMI Black Edition Graphics Card


Specifications for this Zeus powered card.


CUDA core 640

Chipset GeForce GTX 750Ti

Memory Clock 5400 MHz

Process Technology 28 nm

Memory Size 2048 MB

Memory Bus 128 bit

Core Clock Base:1163MHz / Boost 1242MHz

(Standard- Base:1020MHz Boost:1085MHz)

Card Bus PCI-E 3.0

Memory Type GDDR5

DirectX 11.2

OpenGL 4.4


Digital max resolution 4096 X 2160(via 2 HDMI)

Analog max resolution 2048 x 1536

Multi-view 4

I/O Dual-link DVI-I*1/DVI-D*1/HDMI*2

Card size L=204mm, W=144mm, H=42mm

Power requirement 400W

Look at the review which gives you more comfort while buying this worth product.

Looking at the competition (the AMD R7 260X), the GTX 750Ti HDMI Black Edition Graphics Card does a fine job of outperforming them in benchmarks as well as in the power consumption making it a highly attractive proposition for gamers on a budget.

— Illgaming